2016 Recap

The year that many people would like to forget! Either politically or personally. However for me, the year of change is one I shall not forget. Some highs some lows constantly throughout the year, but there were some exceptional memories to keep. Which is why I thought why not do a look back on the year.

Firstly I’d wish you all a happy new year, and hope your resolution keeping is going well. I usually create my goals on the 1st January to then start on the 2nd. Simply because I believe that way I am more likely to follow it through and complete it.

My 2016 started off on a rough note. I lost my nan 2 months prior, we moved further into the countryside 4 days before Christmas so January was trying to settle into the new place. I absolutely hated it, the fact I was so far away from friends/ family, people I knew in my hometown and just the fact there was no shops or transport links to go anywhere. It was a complete cultural change, despite this I still had to travel into the city (Belfast) to complete my A Levels. I spent approximately 2 hours a day travelling to school, it was exhausting & I lost some ‘friends’ because I couldn’t socialise as much as before the move.

I had some pretty low times over the year. Wanting to drop out of school and not complete the rest of my studies to going to therapy for mental health reasons. I spent more time worrying about what other people thought of me; did they think I was the weird kid? Was I the weird kid?! Without realising I had become an introvert; I became so concerned with made up thoughts in my head which was stressing me out. I became ill over it. All just spiralled out of control.

Things Changed

‘Magic’ month May had changed my views, I had always been an environmentalist and animal lover but I still done things which was harming the world we live in, I then came across a documentary called Cowspiracy, it had opened my eyes to the alarming truth of animal agricultural, made me think why are we still harming the environment in such a way & killing so many creatures, all for food yet 80% of the world is still starving. These helped me realise that I had to change, if I wanted to make a difference in the world I had to stand up and voice my opinions, face the challenges head on and become who I am supposed to be. On 2nd May I became known as that annoying Vegan. Doing something meaningful, even in little ways helps.

I completed my A Levels🎉, I passed with BCC. Considering the personal struggle I went through I was lucky to have even finished school. I didn’t even consider applying to University I decided to take a Gap Year, to relax get my head together ready for going in 2017. The best decision I made I learnt that what I wanted to do in A2 wasn’t me and now I’ve applied for the right course, something I will enjoy. Also during my break from studying I started to read more books, learn a new language (which is German) Guten Tag! learn to drive and just enjoy life.

Taking on a more spiritual path learning a new way of life. Meditating, doing yoga, reading just doing things I would have never previously done before. It has all changed how I view the world and myself. A spiritual vegan learning to drive and moving to a different country in 8 months time. It was one rollercoaster of a year.

This post about my personal journey is probably just one of them stories to you, but I did write it to show people that there is hope, no matter what the situation is, I hope you find some of it helpful and always do what you believe is right for you, and only you.




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