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Tea is like my favourite beverage ever, that might not be a surprise to some. It is a very typical British/Irish drink to have. It’s even better when the tea company is local, which Suki Tea is. They are a company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland offering fair trade, ethically sourced and now plastic free tea for you to enjoy. I first stumbled across Suki Tea back in 2016 when I was in a little café in Lurgan. They sold packaged Suki Tea and also made their tea using it so I of course was in love from then. They have kindly gifted me a tea advent calendar so I can drink tea until I turn into a cup of it myself.

Suki Tea

Firstly, let me introduce this awesome company to you as it is the first time I have mentioned them on my website. I don’t know why that is, I should be raving about this brand all the time (well it is now on my resources page; check it out if you are in need of some inspiration for eco-friendly items/gifts). They started as a small market at a farmer’s market in Belfast back in 2005 growing over the years to now having a successful business reaching across the UK.

Their vision, as stated on their website, is:

“To grow a global community of loose leaf tea drinkers, an appreciation society of the ritual in a great-tasting, ethically sourced cuppa.” They value ethics and good tea – makes them the perfect company to source your loose leaf tea from. My first experience with loose leaf tea from suki tea was their “Belfast Brew”, a good classic Irish breakfast black tea which is a favourite of mine. Also their black, green and earl grey teas are completely fair trade, helping to support communities in the developing world, promoting decent working conditions and fair pay for the workers and farmers.

They have recently started using plastic free methods to packaging. Which is so good to hear, as someone who has advocated plastic free for some time now, seeing my favourite companies doing it is amazing. Sustainability is winning these days. The outer packaging is FSC or PEFC cardboard, which completely recyclable as their label is paper based. The inner film that holds your tea is made from a material called Natureflex. I have talk about this before however, Natureflex is basically created from cellulose made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. It looks like plastic as it’s a clear material however it is plastic free & super sustainable.

The advent calendar

suki tea

Well it’s not officially December yet so I don’t know all the teas I have to try. However I did open day 1 to get some Christmassy photos for this. If day 1 is anything to go by, I am in for a treat. The tea smelt so delicious (I won’t spoil it for you if you intend on getting one). Just know it’s Christmassy. The packaging inside the little boxes are that natureflex material so even this advent is plastic free. Perfect for you low wasters, or anyone wanting a more sustainable option. I’m super excited to taste test each tea for 24 days! How exciting.

If you want to get your own calendar you can go to Suki Tea, they are £32 (as of writing this there is 15% off, so currently they are selling at £25.60) and you get free UK delivery however they are selling out fast so they be limited when this goes live. You got to be quick.


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