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As the days get colder during this Winter season, my skincare routine get’s adjusted slightly to fit with what my skin needs.

As usual, in the mornings I simply just wash my face using the Simply Pure face scrub from Superdrug- this helps to remove any impurities or dirt from my skin whilst still being gentle and mild on my face. Next up we have a Rejuvenating Facial Elixir from M Botanicals; I use this moisturising oil to give me a refreshing radiant complexation whilst it also helps to protect me from the elements leaving the skin looking luminous.

I use the in the evening I wash my face with warm water and pat my skin down with a warm towel, then I proceed to do my nightly routine of first, adding a naturally radiant oil from Superdrug to my face this oil is a moisturising oil that works best under a night face cream which is my I use it first. Second in my routine is the Nilotic Lemon Skin Crème this crème is a wonderful product made only from fruit in Uganda it is a miracle product that has done wonders for my skin in the winter months so adding it to my routine after my oil base is a given, the two products together leaves my skin feeling moisturised and super soft to touch.

If I how ever find any blemishes or red patches on my skin, either from stress, the elements or just hormone flare ups; I will use an anti-blemish overnight serum. This serum I use is from Superdrug of course, the deep action of this product really reduces the appearance of blemishes and red marks within a day. I would not use this everyday as the chemicals would be too harsh on your skin – only use it when blemishes appear or start to appear.

Recently I have started adding into my routine the Avance+ Invisible Pores Night Detox Serum from Figs and Rouge. This product was given to me through a subscription box called The Pip Box and since I have been using it; I have grown to love it! Sometimes at night instead of adding the Superdrug oil to my skin I will opt for this little beauty, it helps to detoxify my skin, minimise and unclog pores. Which in turn revitalises my complexion and giving off a luminous glow.

I know it may not seem like there’s a lot in my routine, but for someone who doesn’t use makeup on a daily basis, I don’t need to have all these different steps. Plus if I’m honest I have always thrived to have a very minimal skincare routine because I am lazy haha. But I feel like this works for my skin so I shall stick with it. Do you have a winter routine is it different to the other seasons?




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