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Sophie Leigh / 20 / Belfast, Northern Ireland


Hello, Welcome to my blog In Sophie’s Mind! I’m so happy you are here, hope you enjoy my ramblings and do stick around read some of my posts & get to know me as a real person.. yes I am real! haha.

Who Am I?

Well I am Sophie, as you know now and I am a student studying International Relations and Politics; I know it’s not your typical blogger degree. But I love Politics and IR- I always wanted to do something that is beneficial to the world. I am passionate about animals, the environment, and the world which you will be able to see through this blog. In which I write a range of posts from Veganism, Environmental Issues and How you can help the world in little ways- along with everything else I adore. Such as food! I create my own recipes and share them with you lovely people. As a vegan who is trying to live more consciously and aiming to spread the message about ethically living & having a more sustainable lifestyle, I am still able to enjoy living life with no restrictions and I am a proud supporter of being yourself not letting anyone bring you down, you are incredible and can do whatever it is you like. Keep on Being You Queen!

I adore travelling, and helping animals in need so one of my many dreams would be to travel the world and work with conservationists; looking after animals in need from Elephants in Thailand to Lions and Tigers in South Africa- this is something I would value highly. So if you want to send me away to a country to help animals I would jump at the chance! I’ve got my passport ready and all, haha.

I established this blog in September 2016, during my gap year to simply write and share my vegan  journey with the internet as a sort of personal diary but I joined the Twitter blogging community and the blog developed into way more than a diary, Sophia Leigh has grown a lot over the past 10 months and it is now a bit of everything lifestyle blog. But it will always have a focus on vegan green living and travelling. I will share everything I love, things I do, places I go to and recipes I create with you here on this blog. Sophia Leigh is PR and Collaboration friendly but you can find all the necessary information about this on my Work With Me page.

I am pretty active on social media:





So don’t be afraid to say hello! I love meeting new people so drop me a message and lets connect

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Until Next Time.. Much Love x



    • December 19, 2016 / 4:51 PM

      Thanks so much! 💫🌟💕 I will check out the link in a bit!🙊 much love and light Namaste.xx

      • December 19, 2016 / 8:34 PM

        Well deserved 🙂 See you again!

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