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It’s been such lovely weather recently, and living in Northern Ireland that is a rare thing to happen. So what better way to enjoy the warm sunny weather than too take a little walking adventure around the countryside where I have lived for the past 18 months. At first when we moved out this direction I was sceptical about it, being a city girl the country living was a weird concept for me to grasp. But  don’t get me wrong I loved nature; I always have just living in the middle of no where was strange. However since then I have grown to love the area, the animals living opposite us and the peacefulness that comes with countryside living- except for the tractors going up and down the road outside my house all day long.

But I mean you can’t have complete silence. That would be strange; well to me it would be.

For those who don’t know much about Northern Ireland or its geography; Northern Ireland is a relatively small country on the island of Ireland. There are 6 counties that make up this country; Antrim, Armagh, Down, Derry, Fermanagh and Tyrone. I live in the county Armagh; known for its apple orchards, rich history and miles of green countryside, that of which I live in.

Me and my little brother decided to walk around take some photos and just embrace the untouched beauty of nature. It ended up being a walking expedition, we walked about 5 miles, exploring the beauty of the area we live in. Which I was so surprised we didn’t do before now! Being surrounded by green fields and fresh air, what more could you ask for right? So why not get out there and explore. We found some amazing places, beautiful scenery and stunning animals. When a spontaneous trip turns into a success of course you just have to blog about it.

We actually only planned to walk around the local forest, which is about 2 miles from our house. An hour trip turned into 3 hours. Getting lost in nature is just like being at home for me. I love the trees, the breeze and the ease of nature. Oh listen to that it rhymed, I’m a poet. I hope you enjoy my little photo diary capturing my adventures in the countryside.

The forest has three different paths you can take each with different lengths from 1.1km to 3.5km; I usually go running up here, it’s such a great workout running up hills, down hills and across the bumpy paths just like those shown above. Being in nature is so therapeutic even just walking taking photos. Surrounded by different shades of greens and birds chirping, why wouldn’t you go out and enjoy the way nature is before humans damage it so much more it becomes non existent. Ok enough of the doom and gloom; this post is not about that, it is about enjoying the beauty of our surroundings and going on adventures every now and then.

The forest has some amazing views and bridges oh and a stunning river that flows through the whole thing; I actually have no idea what the river is called, haha it might just be named the same as the forest, well that’s what I’m assuming. Walking along the path you come across a little bridge to the left of the path, a cute little hidden spot with a picnic table surrounded by trees and a tiny stream which flows into the main river. Look at how beautiful it is.

You can really see the beauty in this photo I believe, I could just sit here for hours and just forget about everything. But of course my brother and I were there on an adventure so we got exploring this side of the forest we walked across the little bridge and strolled down to the end of the trees in the corner where there was a few tiny stepping stones to cross the stream to the other side. Which of course we crossed and climbed to the top of the hill, off the beaten track like proper explorers! This was called the Bluebell Trail however we seen no bluebells which was a shame, but the trees and small pathways made up for that.

The image above is the view of the river from the bluebell trail, how stunning is it. I do have a lot more images of the adventure through the forest but there is more to this post than the forest; we did walk for miles around the countryside, so if you would like to see more photos of the forest I can do a whole different post about the trip. Now onto the second half of the trip, strolls along country lanes and finding new beautiful places.

This road led us to finding some picture perfect scenes which I will show you below; from a weird but strangely beautiful tree, abandoned buildings to a small country lane that kept going higher and higher up the hill like it would never stop leading to stunning views of pure green fields and cows. I will now just show you the photos so you can see for yourself how amazing countryside living is and how much beauty you can find if you just get out there and look for it.


I love nature and all its beauty; as you can see from these photos and these are just a small few of them I took so many my camera actually died and the SD card was filled by the end of the exploring, you could say it was a good day filled with adventures. I will now leave you with the gorgeous photo of the sunset across the countryside & the message to go and love your environment, get out into nature and capture the beauty with your own eyes. I hope you have enjoyed this post on my travels through the countryside & have a safe and wonderful day.



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    That’s a nice article, but where is the forest. I might know the name of the river

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