For me the month of August kind of felt like it flew in. It’s crazy to think the summer and my gap year is almost over, the year is just flying by. I’m moving and starting university this month, less than 3 weeks time. Now that it’s getting closer, I’m getting more and more nervous about leaving home. August has been a month of birthdays both my granddad and myself have birthdays in August, yay for Leos! Also a lot of discovery both in myself growing as a spiritual being. And discovering amazing vegan milkshakes. It was a fun month & I am going to share what I loved throughout August.

Sophie Leigh at Holywood PierFood of the month :

I went out to a café called Maggie Mays in Botanic area of Belfast with my friend Rachel. We had some pretty amazing milkshakes. Yes of course they were vegan! Made with a base of soy milk and soy vanilla ice cream then the flavouring is up to you. I think they offered about 6 different options but we went for skittles and Oreo. I was in the mood for a really sweet taste so obviously I got the skittles one and boy was that delicious. I was in milkshake heaven! If you want to read more about the milkshakes check out my post here.

milkshakes at Maggie Mays

Next was the outing to Harry’s Bar and Kitchen in Banbridge with my mum and step-dad. This was a little trip for dinner as I will be leaving for England in a couple of weeks time. I loved this place so much! It isn’t a vegan at all but when I asked if they served anything that was suitable for vegans. The chef stated he could make me anything I wanted but I opted for something out the menu, called Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Ragout. It was so yummy and actually looked amazing. I have a post all about this little food adventure coming soon, in case you are interested.

Vegan Ragout Harry's Bar & Kitchen

Recipe of the month:

I love to cook and bake in my spare time. And when I get the opportunity to collaborate with brands in creating something amazing I am totally up for it. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Indigo Herbs this month in creating a Maca and Cacao Supercharged Brownies. They are low in sugar, high in vitamins and minerals and all around goodness. I am a massive chocoholic so making and munching on these brownies was incredible. Even my family enjoyed these chocolate squares, they rarely ever try my creations. So it must be a good recipe then, if you want to give this a try check out my recipe here.

maca and chocolate brownies

Product of the month:

BrainZyme, this product is great in helping improve brain performance when you need some help to fight the fatigue and get your work done. I was lucky enough to trial these supplements for the company in how they help me blog better. And if I’m honest they really did help, I was able to work for 3-4 hours and get a few posts created, scheduled and planned the promoting of them. Which to be honest I need to work on, because I’m slacking on it recently. But anyway for university and studying I will definitely be getting these to help me out.

study buddy brainzyme

Now as you all know I am a chocoholic and when I discovered Conscious my view on chocolate changed forever. For the best! Before that I always avoided raw chocolate because it sounded weird and I thought it wouldn’t taste nice. Well I wrong. Raw chocolate not only tastes good but it also has many health benefits. As the chocolate is not cooked all the properties are maintained. I started eating Conscious chocolate ever since the Vegan Festival that took place back in May. Now I buy multiple packages a month, haha you could say I am a little addicted. Have you tried these bars yet?

concious chocolate

Hobby of the month:

Photography, since I bought my camera (Canon EOS M10) I’ve been out taking photos. And recently I’ve been loving it so much. Being behind the camera capturing an image the way I see it, so magical. My brother and I would go out around the area where we live and take photos, living in the countryside there is plenty to see and capture. Even just in my garden there are so many plants, bushes, different shades of green and wildlife just roaming around, I love it so much, a little piece of bliss for plants to grow and insects to crawl about. I can’t wait to go exploring in England and take photos, to share my adventures with you guys as well.


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  1. September 3, 2017 / 12:44 PM

    Great post! I’ve tried conscious chocolate it’s so nice! The images from the canon are really good. I’ve been looking into getting a new camera and I think I will have to check this one out.

  2. September 6, 2017 / 10:59 AM

    Loved reading this girl!! Those milkshakes look amazing and I’m also in love with photography at the moment – especially taking pics of my food 😂 Hope you’re having a great week so far x

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