In a fast paced disposable world we have come to accept, being ‘green’ can seem difficult and you may feel like your actions aren’t making any difference. Yes, I’m guilty of feeling this way at times and I can be super hard on myself. Knowing that there is always something more I could do, like changing my toilet paper out for something more sustainable. However with a student budget some changes can be costly and ones I will work towards. Sometimes it’s something I forget or punish myself for.

I know I can do better – but some days, I feel like giving up. However, I remind myself of the current issue we are facing, that is climate change. With every year passing by, the temperature of earth is ever-increasing and we face a huge climate crisis. I know that whilst my efforts are minimal, if I can inspire others to make changes in their lifestyle it will all add up in the end. We can work towards meeting the climate goals by 2030.

Therefore I wanted to set myself a few goals to ensure I improve on my contribution to the sustainable world. To allow myself to feel as if I am doing my best and maybe inspire you to keep fighting the good fight, too! Lets ensure that 2019 is the year we all make sustainable changes to help reduce our emissions!


Lead the way

Probably one of the best ways to encourage other people to follow you is by showing your actions. Words don’t really inspire, show them how to change and how you live then they are more likely to make the change. Therefore I will try to update you on my sustainable journey through posts and photos on Instagram (if you’re interested in following me there click one of the links on the sidebar.)

Be proud of the small achievements

Celebrate the fact you made a small change, everything matters even if it’s that you remembered to bring a reusable bag to the store. I am proud of the fact I always have one in my bag in case I ever need it. Those little changes add up in the end, so no matter how small celebrate it.

Make a sustainable swap once a month

We don’t have to get rid of everything we own to start this new green lifestyle. One small change every month is probably the best way to go about it. For me I started changing my lifestyle when I ran out of non-eco version, for example I switched to a menstrual cup once I had no more sanitary products left. You can read my post on menstrual cups here. I pledge to improve my sustainable lifestyle by changing one thing every month, join me in the challenge.

Stay positive!

In the end staying positive about the changes you’ve made is what’s important. Every little improvement helps in the long run, you got this!

Here’s to a successful sustainable twenty nineteen and becoming an eco warrior.


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