When it comes to the holiday season, sitting down to watch a good old festive movie. With a cup of hot chocolate and some biscuits is such a lovely thing to do, especially when it is so cold outside. When I was living back at home, we would watch Christmas movies everyday after school and all the homework was completed. We would sit down and watch the Elf or some other Christmas movie either during or just after dinner with a cup of hot chocolate. I do have a couple of favourite festive films I enjoy to watch at Christmas time.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

This is my favourite Christmas movie of all time. I don’t know what it is about the Grinch but it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t watch this movie. Over the years, I have grown to learn that I have many of the Grinch traits. How he tries on many different outfits then finally gives in and says “That’s it I’m not going”. Other things he says that are basically me: “Am I just eating because I am bored?” and  “Help me, I’m feeling!” But overall the Grinch is a classic and a must watch on the holidays.

Home Alone (1990)

This is also a classic, when you think of Christmas you always think of Home Alone. There are like 4 Home Alones but I think the best has to be the first one, it is just what Christmas is about. Although I used to want to be home alone. I couldn’t imagine being left over Christmas and having to deal with burglars like Kevin does in this movie haha. I think everyone has at least watched this movie once in their childhood, like I mentioned it is a classic Christmas film. You have got to put Home Alone on that “to watch list”.

Elf (2003)

My brother and I, we used to sit and watch this movie together every year as soon as Halloween was over up until Christmas. We had such an obsession with the Elf movie. It was crazy. Definitely a great movie though, again I believe it is a classic. I can’t believe it is actually 14 years old this year.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

As someone who is obsessed with Halloween, having a movie that is creepy but can also be watched at Christmas is the best! This Tim Burton film is so good, I love watching it but my family don’t like it. So it’s usually a movie I watch by myself or with my friends. It is about a pumpkin king of Halloween Town, called Jack Skellington who is bored with doing the same thing every year for Halloween. One day he stumbles into Christmas Town and is so taken with the idea of Christmas. He tries to get the residents of Halloween town to help him put on Christmas instead of Halloween but they can’t get it quite right. It such a good animation film for Christmas.

The Santa Claus (1994)

This is one of the first movies I remember watching at Christmas as a young child. Probably the best Santa Claus movie I have seen, (along with the rest in the trilogy). We seen the Santa Claus 3 ‘The Escape Clause’ in 2006 with my step-dad’s work. I got free popcorn and a selection box for Christmas along with getting a photo taken with Santa Claus. We did this with new Christmas movies up until I was 15. This movie was about a man, Scott Calvin (acted by Tim Allen) who is upset to find that his ex wife and her new husband have told his young son that Santa isn’t real. On Christmas Eve while reading The Night Before Christmas, Scott calls out to someone climbing on his roof. He accidentally startles Santa Claus, who falls and vanishes. Leaving an eight-reindeer sleigh and a suit, and therefore he is the new Santa Claus.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

I remember seeing this movie in the cinema when it first came out again it was with my step-dad’s work. It was such a good animated movie. The movie if you haven’t seen it yet is about how a parcel doesn’t get delivered to a child. The delivery is left to Santa’s younger son, Arthur and the retired, grumpy Grand-Santa to deliver the package using reindeer and sleigh. All of which inspires a frenzied inter-continental dash and one too many mishaps. I thought it was a great funny movie, perfect for families to enjoy watching together.


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