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Granola; easy breakfast food right? But can be annoying and time consuming to create yourself. What if you had the option to buy homemade healthy, gluten free & vegan friendly granola? Would you eat it more? I know since I’ve found out about Breakfast by Bella, I’ve enjoyed my morning meals a whole lot more! And I think you would as well.

What is Breakfast by Bella?

It is a relatively new business which was launched just recently in May, by a great woman named Jessica. She was travelling long distances to work taking breakfast in a jar; which would include, you guessed it.. Granola! Since doing this Jessica wanted to promote a healthy, all natural and easily made portable breakfast for her travels and everybody else’s, there the idea came for the Breakfast by Bella adventure, and now she is selling 3 different types of granola you can choose from for your ‘on the go breakfast’.

But of course if like me and you work at home, there’s no need to have granola on the go. You can eat your breakfast in your pyjamas at home instead.  I have created some amazing meals using Breakfast by Bella granola from smoothie bowls to delicious toast.

I received all 3 of the different types available; Nutty Nosh, Peanut Butter Me Up, and Cacao Crazy. I must say I absolutely love the names given to the granola. So original. I just had to dig into the packets straight away; they looked way to nice to wait for breakfast time. I took a bowl and filled it up with the nutty nosh granola added some coconut milk and chocolate sauce; the taste was so nutty it was delicious. The bowl was finished relatively quick.

Nutty Nosh

This granola was the first I tried; as I thought this one might not be the one I would enjoy as much as the other two; but I was completely wrong. The distinct taste of nuts and cinnamon really go well together in this granola. I loved the warm toasty flavour of this granola, and I will be making this my Winter go to breakfast granola for all those cold mornings.
With 6 different types of nuts added; almonds, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. The granola really is a little nutty! It has whole chunks of the nuts in the bag; they were definitely not shy with that. Super delicious & made me super excited to get tasting the other 2 bags.

The Nutty Nosh granola per serving of 35g has 185kcal, 11g fat, 17g Carbohydrates, 4.2g Protein and 0g Salt. It is healthy and provides you with the necessary energy for the day ahead.


Breakfast can be eaten at dinner too; we all call it Brinner, haha. This photo above is my nutty nosh granola before adding some soy mylk to the bowl, I had this for dinner. Completely scrumptious with a warm sense to the granola which I loved.

Peanut Butter Me Up

The name is incredible on this granola; so when I received this product I was again sceptical of it as I am not a lover of peanut butter. But I was soon proved wrong again. This granola was so delicious which I was pleasantly surprised by; there wasn’t a peanut buttery texture, that was what I was worried about. The taste was incredible, there is a strong peanut taste obviously as it is a peanut based granola with peanuts added in the product; so if you are not a fan of peanuts then I would say this one is not for you. However if you love peanuts then go for this! It is completely delicious and totally worth purchasing.

With only 4 ingredients(oats, peanuts, agave syrup & rapeseed oil) this is a super healthy & yummy granola; Nutrition value per serving of 35g has 173kcal, 8.9g fat, 18g carbohydrates of which sugars 4.4g, 5.3g protein and 0g salt.


Smoothie bowls are always best topped with granola; am I right? Yes I am! Haha answering my own questions there, go me. This smoothie bowl was summer fruits & water simply topped with blackberries, chia seeds, goji berries and of course the awesome Peanut Butter Me Up Granola! Yum!

Cacao Crazy

I’m a massive chocoholic so I’m always delighted when I have chocolate for breakfast. It was love at first taste; I’m not even kidding you! If you want a proper chocolate crunch breakfast this granola is the one for you! It gives you an excuse to enjoy chocolate early in the mornings and not feel guilty about it! I mean it is healthy, right?!
This granola is made up of organic oats, cacao nibs, agave syrup, cacao powder, coconut sugar (but you cannot taste the coconut) and vanilla powder. It is just completely delightful, I now have my favourite granola ever! I know a lot of people would say this but honestly Cacao Crazy is the best granola I have ever tasted.

So on to the nutritional information:  per serving of 35g has 162kcal, 8g fat, 20g carbohydrates of which sugars is 5.4g, 4g protein and 0.03g salt. As you can see it is not packed full of sugars; it provides you with the right nutrition to start the day.


Any one ever put granola and fruit on top of toast? No? I challenge you to try it! Absolute game changer in the toast world! The Cacao Crazy granola went well with my toast & biscoff spread with blackberries and chocolate sauce. Talk about delicious food; I’m so hungry writing this. I know my chocolate sauce spreading needs some work it’s a bit messy. Add your granola to toast and you will love me for this foodie tip.


All ingredients used by this brand are organic, the granola itself is produced in the UK and all hand packed by the employees ‘with love’ – the product is definitely worth trying out & I guarantee that you will fall in love at first taste! What are you waiting for? Head over to and buy your packet of amazing granola today. They are also being sold on Amazon. Super affordable price ranging from £3.95 to £4.95 per 250g bag.

These beauties have become my favourite breakfast food & I can’t wait to order some myself to indulge in more. Stay tuned to my blog as I will be posting a granola bar recipe soon using these packets of granola if you are interested! You can subscribe to my mailing list to receive updates on my posts using the sign up in the sider bar.



  1. June 11, 2017 / 6:01 PM

    They sound and look sooo scrummy! Granola with a bit of yoghurt is my favourite breakfast!xx

    Lucy |

    • June 18, 2017 / 2:48 PM

      Yeah you can’t go wrong with that!

  2. June 11, 2017 / 6:02 PM

    These sound really good and super handy! I love the sound of the last one especially xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. June 13, 2017 / 11:39 AM

    These sound lovely! I’ve just started eating more granola as I’m getting my butt into healthy mode! The nutty nosh one would be my favourite for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    Jordanne ||

    • June 18, 2017 / 2:48 PM

      Hope that healthy eating mode is going well gal! Yeah the nutty nosh one is nice but the cacao crazy is my favourite hehe x

  4. June 15, 2017 / 8:26 AM

    I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re stating and the best way wherein you say it. You are making it enjoyable and you continue to. I can’t wait to read much more from you. That is actually a tremendous web site.

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