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It comes to no surprise that there’s a dental subscription box out there, there’s a subscription box for literally everything! It’s amazing to have a box dedicated to oral care. Even the box is so small it fits through your letterbox easily. How cool! You all know how I am an advocate for low waste. Brushbox is an environmentally friendly box that packages their products in cardboard and paper. Low waste and eco-friendly as the packaging can be recycled or reused.

What is Brushbox?

Brushbox – like I mentioned above – is a dental subscription box that is delivered to your door every month. Starting from £2.50 you can build your box to how you want it. The toothbrushes are made from bamboo, making them environmental and compostable at the end of their life (so pop them into your compost once you finish with them). Toothpaste is in a plastic tube – unfortunately – but the plastic can be recycled once finished with. You can also add a tongue cleaner to your box if desired as well as dental floss – be aware however the floss is made from beeswax thus is not suitable for vegans. The company have stated that they are working on changing this in the future, so hopefully it will become vegan friendly.
The box is a great idea, it can save a lot of time that would be done shopping for replacements; just have Brushbox deliver to your door every month.

Brush box review

What do I think about the box?

I have been using this box, that was kindly sent to me to try over the last month. My opinions had changed over that month, from sceptical to amazement. I didn’t know if the toothpaste was going to do what it says (which was to whiten teeth) and if it was a good thing to invest in. However, the toothpaste changed my opinion it did a good job on my teeth; as a massive coffee drinker my teeth are a little stained from the coffee (I usually have to result in using charcoal to remove it), the toothpaste didn’t fully whiten my teeth but I did notice a huge difference than my regular usage of LUSH toothy tabs.

Next, we have the tongue cleaner, something I was buzzing to receive as I misplaced my other one with all the moving. I’ve always loved using a tongue cleaner, as the tongue is where most of the bacteria lives. Using it once in the morning and once at night does wonders for oral hygiene, if you don’t have one I suggest you get yourself one. You will thank me later.

Finally, the bamboo toothbrush, a product that need to be more popular than it is. A plastic toothbrush does not get recycled, it just fills up the landfill and possibly ends up in our oceans. As we are advised to change brushes every 3 months, that is a lot of plastic being thrown away. If everyone switched to a bamboo brush this could be stopped, as bamboo can be composted once you finish with it. Brushbox are doing something great by advocating the use of bamboo brushes.

Brushbox review uk

My Oral Care Routine

I have never had any issues regarding my teeth. No fillings, no toothaches, no teeth removed until I needed braces. When I was 14 I was told I had too many teeth so had to get a few removed. It was scary I cried loads on the way home after that, I had perfect teeth they didn’t need removing. But now I tend to make sure I look after my teeth, I don’t want to go through the pain of having teeth pulled again.
I brush my teeth using the toothpaste for about a minute, then I would rinse with mouthwash. After that I use my trusty tongue cleaner to remove the bacteria gathered from the night sleep. I would repeat this routine just before bed as well. A good routine to have in terms of keeping a healthy mouth.

Brushbox review uk

Where can you get your Brushbox?

The boxes are sold over on their website – you can even get 50% off your first month’s box if you use the discount code SOPHIE50 (I will not be paid for this code). Boxes start from £2.50 and the company offer you free delivery – you will not have to pay extra for this. You’ll not have to worry about going out and changing your brush or getting a new toothpaste again.
Thanks to the lovely team at Brushbox for sending me this box to try, I hope you too decide to sample the subscription box.

brushbox SOPHIE50


  1. Saffron Watson

    March 16, 2018 at 11:55 AM

    I love this idea! I’ve been hovering on the idea of getting a bamboo toothbrush, after seeing quite a few posts about them! I love that it comes straight to your door so you don’t have to worry about changing them over yourself! My only issue is I don’t have a compost area, and because I don’t have my own home I’m not sure if I can convince the homeowners to start one.

    Loved the post Sophie, and some lovely photos!

    Saffron xxx

    1. sophie

      June 13, 2018 at 2:12 PM

      Thanks so much Saf! 🙂 You should check out local recycling points and see if they have any composting options available. Hopefully that helps.
      Love Soph 🙂

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