I was invited to attend the body shop #bunnybloggers event on the 15th March at the Chichester store. It was lovely to attend this event, as the team there, host awesome events for us bloggers. I enjoyed the first one back at Christmas time, so being invited myself was great. I loved seeing the familiar faces (Saffron and Mike) sampling the products and enjoying some vegan Wagamama food. The event was to promote the body shop’s ‘ban animal testing worldwide’ petition, something close to my heart. As a vegan and enthusiastic activist banning animal testing is something that I believe needs to happen. If you want to help stop the cruelty, then read on to find the link that will take you to the page to sign the petition.


When we arrived at the store, we were given a choice of soft drinks or prosecco. I of course opted for a glass of prosecco. Whilst having a look at products before the staff began to talk to us about the new products and the petition, which was the reason we were invited along. The staff then talked us through all the new products that have been released. We were also able to try a few for ourselves. My hand was feeling super soft and smelt very nice by the end of the night! The Body Shop, as we know are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free, however, they are now adding more vegan products. As we were told that over half of their products are now vegan, which is great to hear.

the body shopthe body shopthe body shopthe body shop

Vegan Products

Having a little walk around the store, looking at the products that were said to be vegan. I noticed that the labelling may be confusing to new vegans. As may didn’t state ‘vegan’ on the packaging or the ingredient list didn’t put the animal derived ingredient in bold. Ingredients such as honey, beeswax and shellac are all still used in The Body Shop’s non-vegan products. I decided to talk to one of the lovely staff about it, and she was able to tell me that new products now state “suitable for vegan” on the packaging. Which will help to make it clearer, and they are rolling this out over other products. Yay!

bunny bloggers

bunny bloggers

They are trying to get 8 million signatures to ban animal testing worldwide. Something that I truly believe needs to happen. Too many innocent animals suffer, just for beauty products. Currently, The Body Shop have over 4 million, but they need another 4 million by the summer! For one ingredient to be “tested” 1,400 animals are used. Even if there were no side effects for that animal it gets put down. For just ONE INGREDIENT, now thing of how many ingredients your cosmetics have. Too many animals are suffering for humans, I believe that a ban would be great! You can help make it possible by signing the petition, it really won’t take that long to do. You could end up saving an animal’s life by doing so.

Products I got

bunny bloggers

I got a few items for myself to enjoy, such as the Black Musk fragrance mist, it smelt lovely and I needed new spray, to keep me smelling good. The rainforest conditioner for oily hair was another product I picked up; mainly because I needed a conditioner (as using a shampoo bar alone isn’t really working for my hair). But the fact that this conditioner has the eco-conscious standard made me made it even more. The standard means it’s respectful to the aquatic environment, meets strict biodegradability standards and minimises the use of non-sustainable packaging resources. So as an environmentalist this was right up my street!

bunny bloggersbunny bloggers

I also purchased the Piñita Colada body butter, as when I smelt it I got all the summer vibes. Cannot wait to use this product in the summer time, I’ll be walking around smelling like a coconut all day every day.
Along with everything I bought, I was also given a generous goodie bag filled with products and samples of new products. Plus, a £15 Wagamama’s gift card; I cannot wait to use it, Wagamama’s is my favourite restaurant so that was just an amazing addition to the goodie bag.

bunny bloggers

The samples were Balkan Juniper Body Wash (not vegan as it has honey added), Camelia Cream, Camomile Make Up Remover, Charcoal Mask, Tea Tree Night Mask, and Vitamin C Glow Boosting Mircodermabrasion. 5 different body butters were also gifted to use, however, 4 of which were not vegan. So, the Balkan Juniper Body Wash and the body butters went to a couple of my friends who are not vegan and would use the products. So not as if they had gone to waste.

Great Evening!

It was such a good evening, I enjoyed the event, speaking to the staff and bloggers. Learning about the petition and getting some amazing new products to try and a free meal to enjoy as well courtesy of Wagamama. Thanks to James for sending me the invite, cannot wait to see if there is another one. Hopefully my anxiety will let me speak to different people, I still find talking to other bloggers at events scary, next time it is my mission to overcome it. Anyway, don’t forget to sign the petition and lets ban animal testing worldwide.

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  1. March 30, 2018 / 7:10 PM

    This sounds like a great event and something I’d love to be apart of! Looks like you got some awesome goodies too.
    Unfortunately I’ve never seen something like this in the States near my home town. 🙁

    • sophie
      June 13, 2018 / 2:10 PM

      It was lovely, aw that’s a shame lovely. Keep a look out for any blogging opportunities or maybe set up your own in your town that would be rad. 🙂

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