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 Can Tea Bags be Compostable?

We British people drink a lot of tea, so much that we accumulate 165 million cups every single day. Have you stopped drinking your cuppa and thought about the waste that is created from that tea? Probably not, majority of people do not realise that the little bags of teas contain a plastic lining. Therefore, making these traditional tea bags not biodegradable and thus, end up in the landfill. If there were a compostable option, it should be widely recognised. Guess what!

Tea bags CAN be compostable!

Teapigs, a UK company that are completely plastic free; they create teas in a corn-starch and paper bag (completely biodegradable). They are still one of the few brands that offer an environmentally friendly teabag. Many people don’t even realise that this company is plastic-free! The inner bag – the one in which the teabags are packaged in- that would usually be plastic, is now made from Natureflex (wood-pulp) a compostable material. Plastic-free dream!
They not only operate a plastic-free teabag & package but also the outer cartons are recyclable – made from FSC certified paper board. The ink used on these cartons are vegetable based – all natural. I think more companies need to take this approach to sustainability.

teapigs teabags cartons

Teapigs’ co-founder Louise says:
“We have always made great tea. We have always focused on good choices when it comes to packaging decisions. The tea, the bag, the inner bag, the outer box – all tick the plastic free agenda. Plastic is a problem we all need to address now, there are solutions out there which work.”

This makes the transition to an eco-friendlier sustainable life so much easier. Giving the consumer convenience whilst still being environmentally safe.

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About Teapigs

The company was set up in 2006 by Nick and Louise, they were self-professed tea nuts on a mission to get the nation drinking real tea. Louise has been a professional tea taster for over 10 years and has travelled the world sourcing tea. They offer a range of the best teas, off the highest quality, using only real leaf teas, whole berries and herbs.

About the Tea

I love tea, so naturally I was thrilled when I was contacted about them. They sent me 3 cartons of tea: lemon and ginger, morning glory, and peppermint. Just couldn’t wait to brew myself a cup. I had to opened the carton to find out if these mesh bags did in fact allow the tea to infuse. Of-course, I made myself a cup of peppermint tea, it was so minty, just as if it was fresh mint. Normally the peppermint teas I have are dried up and the mint taste is not vibrant. Teapigs’ teas however, are definitely vibrant and minty fresh!

teapigs and keepcup
So onto the others, a cup of lemon tea in the mornings is great for flushing the system. The lemon and ginger tea was a perfect addition to my morning routine. The ginger balances the lemon out and is super tasty. I would say it’s a good tea for those who dislike caffeine in the morning. And it is plastic-free so even better, am I right?
Morning glory brew, is a classic black tea, it is caffeinated unlike the other two teas. Perfect for me, as a caffeine addict, although I don’t think that’s a good thing haha. I think I just drink too much tea and coffee, watch me turn into a tea leaf or coffee bean one day. The morning glory tea was so good I think I used the 15 tea bags within a week haha. Can’t beat a cup of tea whilst catching up on some YouTube videos or reading some of my favourite blogs.

You can purchase Teapigs’ teas in local supermarkets; they vary in price, it depends on the store. You can check out their own website for more details regarding products and their ethos.

Would I consider them environmentally friendly?

All-in-all, I do believe that Teapigs is a sustainable and environmentally friendly company that is worth the cost of the teas – I love that they promote sustainability and produce amazingly good teas. They are truly setting an example to other companies out there to be more environmentally friendly. PG Tips have recently announced a move towards plastic free teabags by the end of 2018.

Could this be a switch in people’s mindset, to start refusing plastics and opt for more natural and eco versions of items? Lets hope so.

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