I started getting into a better routine with my skincare over the last few months, as of course our skin is the largest organ in our bodies we should be taking really good care of it. That is what I started doing religiously, I only use items that are completely vegan and cruelty free, aiming for the product to be as natural as possible. So I thought I would share what my skincare routine looks like on a daily basis. Maybe you can get some inspiration to incorporate more cruelty free products into your routine so we can let all those bunnies roam free.skincare collection So I’m not much of a morning person; as anyone who has lived with me will know. I have to have a cup of coffee before I do anything. But after that, I wash my face with warm water (I don’t use any soap because I haven’t found a soap that doesn’t irritate my skin) and to be honest water does enough for me personally. I will then brush my teeth using my bamboo toothbrush which is a child brush with natural bristles (be careful when purchasing your bamboo brush as some can have animal derived bristles) from Save Some Green and a Dirty toothy tab from Lush. Then clean my tongue using my tongue cleaner. Every two days after brushing my teeth normally I then brush again with activated charcoal this helps to whiten your teeth (I advise you not to use charcoal everyday as it can be very abrasive) dental care

Then I will moisturise my face using the lemon crème from Nilotic (for 20% use code NILOFRUIT84) this product is certified vegan & cruelty free, 100% natural made with fruit from the River Nile (along with this the brand does amazing things in the country of origin Uganda by employing women in administration & sending disadvantaged children to school) I love this moisturiser, it does wonders for my skin. Hydrating, smoothing and just all around amazing. As Nilotic is completely natural there are no harsh chemicals added to this moisturiser which makes it incredible! And that is about all I do in the morning; I always try to keep things simple because who needs to spend like an hour in morning getting ready to go down the shops. Not me; simple routines are the best.


Next on my skincare products list is the Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil* from Dr Botanicals. This little bottle of beauty is the best facial oil I have ever tried, along with the amazing smell of rose (which I am obsessed with) this oil has improved my skin, I suffered with blemishes and tired skin; with the added vitamin E into this oil it has woke my tired skin up. And I think it has helped keep my blemishes at bay.

Dr Botanicals facial oil

Onto body wash; I only ever use a bar of soap, this is for two reasons, 1. reducing plastic waste is so important to me and 2. the bar of soap lasts forever, well ok not literally forever but definitely will last a long time. I mean I have had this bar of soap for over a year and it is still going strong. My bar of soap is called Outback Mate and it is from Lush, the soap costs £4.20 and the scent is so fresh. I personally prefer fresher smells I always feel cleaner for some reason haha. The soap has a blend of eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint so definitely is refreshing and uplifting on the skin. I also use this soap to shave with, it lathers up nicely and using a safety razor that is just what I need. My favourite soap to use ever!


safety razor

I walked into the Lush store in Belfast to get a tin for my shampoo bar & of course when we go into the store it can be difficult not to get anything else. Well I did walk back out with the tin AND a massage bar, I couldn’t say no because it just smelt so good! I got the From Dusk ’til Dawn; however this massage bar is leaving the store soon, which saddens my soul a little- but of course gives me the chance to try others out. The massage bar is in a cone shape which is odd compared to the rest of the bars in Lush, but I love it- with the fresh scents of orange, lemon and the smoothness of the Cocoa and Shea butters this massage bar is incredible. I love to use this product on my skin just before going out; it gives the skin a healthy glow, and of course amazing scent. You should definitely check out the range of massage bars Lush have to offer.

From Dusk 'til Dawn

Next up on my list; another moisturiser only this time it is a drugstore one. As I realise the Nilotic moisturiser can be a little more on the expensive side you may only be able to afford the cheaper moisturiser and that’s totally fine. Heck I love my Superdrug moisturiser. If you didn’t know this already Superdrug own brand is completely cruelty free; so you don’t have to compromise on the little bunnies while on a budget. I do use two moisturisers; Superdrug one being my every day night cream (despite it being a cream for the day time; I know but trust me I prefer it at night). The one I am talking about is the Vitamin E Moisturising Day Cream , this cream is only £2.99 and for that price I highly recommend it. Even though a day cream, I prefer to use it at night due to as I wake with a fresh smooth face, (sometimes I will use it again after I wash my face in the morning if I feel my skin needs it.)


Ok so this one isn’t too much skincare but in fact more hair care. What’s the harm in including hair care into the post right? I stopped using your regular liquid shampoo from the grocery store about 8 months ago; and switched to the shampoo bar. I love this Rose & Argan Oil infused shampoo bar from Lush although at £6.25 this bar does cost a lot more than your average bottle of shampoo but it does last so much longer. My hair is smoother, silky and softer than ever before. I will never switch back to that regular shampoo in plastic bottles. My view on shampoo bars have completely changed and I absolutely love mine.

shampoo bar

Every Sunday evening calls for a pamper session; and what better way than to use a Hot and Cool Facial Bar* from Sensse Beauty, If you want to read my full review on this product you can read it here. But in short this bar helps to give your skin a little pick-me-up, with hot and cold settings you can give your face a whole spa massage in the comfort of your own home. I love using this product on my own skin because it helps to simulate circulation and helps to energise my tired looking skin. I will wash my face with warm water and apply the Dr Botanicals facial oil to my face turn the facial bar on the hot setting and massage the oil into my face for a minute then switch to the cool setting and finish by massage the bar across my face.

Hot and Cool Facial Bar


Some products were gifted, they are marked with (*) | Post may contains affiliate links

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  1. November 29, 2017 / 7:53 PM

    I loooove the Lush toothy tabs, think I need to try a shampoo bar next and I’ve got my eye on the naked shower gels! xxx

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