I mentioned in my ‘passing the driving test’ post that I had recently just passed my driving test and how it took me 3 times to actually get it. You can read that post here. So basically I am a complete newbie to the world of driving, I didn’t know a lot about cars before that, so when Point S got in contact with me to work on a post together I thought, why not! Let me share with my readers information about the dangers of driving during the summer and a little bit about tyres that they would probably not know about already, because for me I know I didn’t know anything before doing my own research for this post. Of course I was excited to get working on this, to get learning something new. Although driving isn’t really environmentally friendly, sometimes it is something that is essential in our lives, it can help take us places quickly & with good tyres it can make life a whole lot easier.

Dangers of Driving During the Summer

Summers are great for road trips with friends or family, because it’s the time when majority of young people are on their breaks. You probably love the long trips in the car blasting the music and munching on some food along the way. I know I love those types of trips. But have you ever thought about the dangers these long journeys have on the car you are travelling in? I didn’t until this topic came to my attention, so I started doing some of my own research into the different dangers and ways you can prevent them from happening.
July and August are said to be the deadliest months for drivers on the road, it is estimated that 8 people are injured every day- this can surely add up over time!

Here are some of the dangers & prevention measures you can take to avoid them

  1. Tyre Blowout

Summer can do a number on your tyres, a lot more than the cold temperatures in winter. As the hot weather causes the air inside of your tyres to expand, which then can lead to a blowout in well-worn wheels. This is something you do not want to happen. Always check your tyres on a regular basis during the summer months, especially during heat waves and any time you plan on doing long journeys. Well-maintained tyres will  keep you safe but also save you money in the long run. They help to increase the lifespan of your tyres, provide better fuel economy, and protect against crashes and breakdowns. Check out car tyres range at Point S Online.

2. Excess Heat

Of course in the summer it is going to be a lot warmer, therefore driving in the heat can be very tiring and draining. You have got to always be hydrated to help keep your brain alert on these trips. And by keeping a bottle of water handy in your car can help if you find yourself in a tiring situation. If you got too warm put down your window or use the air conditioning to keep cool.

3. Engine Overheating

If you do decide to use the air conditioning as your form of keeping cool in the heat during your road trip, there is a chance of your engine overheating due to the actual temperature outside plus the use of the air-con. If this does happen don’t panic just pull over in a safe place and let your engine cool down before starting on to your journey again.

4.  There are more bikes on the road

With the better weather, it is the time of the year more people dust off their motorcycles and bicycles to have the chance to use their vehicles after keeping it inside throughout the winter months. It is important for motorists to be more mindful about them, always keep your eyes open for them on the roads.
Driving alongside cyclists can be dangerous, especially when you are parallel parking, turning right, and any other traffic manoeuvres. Hundreds of cyclists are involved in fatal road accidents each year, especially during summertime.Keep in mind that you should not share lanes with motorcycles. They should be given their own space on the traffic lane. When behind motorcycles, it is important that you keep your following distance, at least, four seconds. Always be on the lookout when you are driving to avoid any accidents.

tyre blowout, dangers of driving in summer

What Makes a Good Tyre?

I have always wondered this because like I mentioned before I didn’t know much about tyres or cars in fact, so doing my research into tyres I found out that there are many different companies that provide tyres for your car & there are so many different types of tyres out there. So much to choose from. There are 3 things that make a tyre good, the rubber compound, internal structure and the tread pattern on the tyre. The tyre must have quality in all weather condition from dry to wet and should have a longevity. The structure should keep contact on the road consistent which helps the tread pattern to work in wet conditions, the tread pattern allows the car to cut through the water on the road basically moving the water away allowing the rubber tyre to keep consistent contact on the road.

Tyres are the only part of your car that actually make contact with the road, so you are completely better off sticking to the premium brands and hunting around for the lowest prices on those, instead of purchasing budget tyres. Those cheap ones could easily cost you your life, so it definitely is not worth it. Get yourself those quality tyres which helps to keep you safer on the roads. With Point S you don’t have to go hunting for the deals everything is on one website. They have a wide variety of cheap tyres from renowned brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear that they stocks for their valued customers .

Summer is a time when a lot of dangers are on the road. You should be careful when driving in summer. Whether you are just going to do some chores or on a long road trip, you should be extra careful when driving in hot weather. Always check for bikes while driving, stay hydrated, let your engine cool if overheating and always ensure your tyres are in perfect condition.

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