I recently turned 22 feeling that much older, I thought about updating my skincare routine. As my mam would say it’s never too early to start using anti-aging products. We got to look after our skins after all. So I was asked by Nakin, a natural anti-ageing skincare company to review their cleansing milk and toner.

However not that I really need to start using anti-ageing products, an old lady stopped me in the street to ask me if I was over 16 before she could proceed with her questions. That experience was kind of awkward for her bless, when I responded “yeah, I’m 22”. But I guess, I should be thankful I have a young complexion. It just means when I’m 41 like my mam, I’ll look 6 years younger haha. Anyway, back to Nakin, a high performance natural anti-ageing skincare company. They reached out to me to give my honest opinion on two of their products.


As we have established, Nakin are a British brand that produce natural anti-ageing skincare products. They say their products are modern fusion of science and nature, which sounds great. Nakin are an ethical brand and all their product meet the Leaping Bunny cruelty free criteria. They never test on animals or the ingredients used in the products. Stuff we all like hear on this site! They source their ingredients from sustainable resources and even create their products in a green factory in the UK. All locally made, which helps to keep that carbon emission total low. All of this information, made me believe they were suitable candidates to enter the Clean Beauty Awards. The awards I judged last year (and will be judging this year again, yay!) We shall wait and see if they took my advice or not in a few months hehe.


Advanced Cleansing Milk

Now this product got me intrigued. I’ve used many different cleaning products in the past year (due to the award category I was judging). However none of them were ever a cleansing milk. Quite exciting for me to try out. The cleansing milk is formulated with an active blend of oils. Hyaluronic Acid. Pomegranate and Seaweed extract are used to even the skin tone assisting with cell renewal. Now as someone who suffers with combination skin: oily t-zone and dry cheeks/ jaw area, I didn’t know what to think. Would this product help me with my issues? Or would it break me out? However, I was pleasantly surprised.

My skin feels so amazing afterwards and so soft to touch. Like my face has been injected with tonnes of moisture. Another awesome point, I did not receive any bad flare ups with this cleansing milk which was great. Having sensitive combination skin, it is difficult to find a product that works without leaving red marks on my face. I would highly recommend this product for cleansing and/or removing makeup (I didn’t test for removing makeup as I don’t wear it). But I am sure it works brilliantly for removing makeup, as its good for removing impurities.

Purifying Facial Toner

My skin did not take well to this toner. I think it was a little too purifying haha because of how sensitive my skin is, toners can be difficult and I did know this. It is all about trial and error, sometimes a product will work and sometimes it won’t. We just have to figure that out by trying things.

Nakin’s purifying toner is formulated with Hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, aloe and seaweed extracts. These ingredients are used for cleansing the pores and delivering nutrients your skin needs to help rejuvenate it. I thought it sounded great and definitely a product I needed to try out because of my tired skin. I would recommend trying the toner out yourself if you want a more natural and anti-ageing product for your routine. Having tested this product out maybe once or twice a week for a few weeks, my skin was showing signs of red marks after each use. These would fade over the day however would leave dry patches.

But again that is just my experience with this product, toners have never really worked out for my skin. Maybe it’s just a product that isn’t meant to be in my skincare routine, haha. Nakin overall is a great brand for natural skincare, with anti-ageing properties. They are cheap and locally made so you can’t really go wrong. It is worth trying the products, or any of their other items for yourself. I would love to try their other products as I absolutely loved the cleansing milk.


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