Vegan Ragout Harry's Bar & Kitchen

I rarely ever go out for dinner; but I am leaving the little green isle of Ireland and heading to England in 5 days time. My mum and step-dad wanted to take me out for a nice meal. It was like a little send off, I had never been to Harry’s Bar and Kitchen before so this would be my first time ever entering the place. To be honest I don’t think any of us had been there before.

I wasn’t sure whether or not they could provide anything suitable for vegans as I didn’t do any research before we left. We were going in blind. However I was pleasantly surprised on how well they were to accommodating me. We were seated fairly quickly; I asked straight away if they had a vegan menu or could make me something that was plant based.


The waitress walked off to the kitchen and asked the chef who then said that he could make me anything I wanted. How cool! But I decided to go for something of the menu that was vegetarian (so it would be easily made vegan) and that was the Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Ragout. I had never had this dish before, it was my first time trying it and oh it was so delicious. Basically the dish was roasted peppers, onions etc. in a spicy tomato sauce with some amazing pasta bites (I am not sure what they are called, haha). Lets just say they are bites, then topped off with some fresh parsley to garnish it. It was presented fairly well in a lovely black plate and didn’t take too long to arrive approximately 20 minutes we waited. Definitely was not too long. Especially for a Saturday evening.

I am the only one who is vegan in my family, so I won’t be discussing what my mum and step-dad got. Let’s just say their meals were not cruelty-free haha. However dinner was great with them, I usually never get the chance to eat dinner with them at home so it was a lovely thing to have just before I go away. I guess the next time we will be eating together is Christmas. Feels like it is so far away, but I’m sure it won’t take long in flying in. Along with the good conversation with my family; while having dinner here in Harry’s, the atmosphere in the restaurant was incredible. So welcoming and the staff that work there were fantastic. Not only with helping me find something that was suitable for vegans but in general, pleasant and there when you needed them.


Vegan Ragout Harry's Bar & Kitchen

The meal was lovely, I really enjoyed how amazing it tasted. I could have had two dishes it was that delicious; but one was definitely enough to satisfy the hunger.  Along with the scrumptious taste, the dish was very filling. You definitely left the restaurant with a full stomach and a feeling of contentment. If you are ever in Banbridge town centre, I definitely recommend you check this restaurant out. It is located on 7 Dromore Street BT32 4BS. I don’t think you would regret eating a meal in here one bit.


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