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Dolma Vegan Perfumes and Aftershaves

Dolma is an independent perfume company based in England. They are passionate about not testing on animals and use only natural ingredients. This has been their main focus since 1982, so you know you are in safe hands buying from Dolma. There are 12 perfumes and 4 aftershaves to choose from. So plenty of choice when it comes to ethical fragrances, you can smell great without the guilt! The products are handcrafted in the UK from ethically sourced ingredients as mentioned. Not only that but they also deliver the products in recyclable packaging, being mindful of the waste issue and consciously not adding into it which is great.

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The Dolma Perfume pledge:

As stated by the company, Dolma is dedicated to producing fine fragrance that doesn’t harm a single animal. When people discover the origin of the ingredients in their well-known brand of fragrance, they are appalled. They want their fine fragrance to be 100% cruelty-free. Feeling that the testing and use of animals in perfume and cosmetics is intolerable.
They pledged to continue supporting non-animal testing and using non-animal derived ingredients when producing beautiful fragrances.

This is such a good message to express as cosmetics have always been tested on animals. So stepping away from the norm shows that achieving cruelty free fragrances is possible. Dolma is truly doing great things by being ethical and humane. They are of course certified cruelty free, and vegan. With accreditations from Cruelty Free International, Animal Aid and The Vegan Society. Therefore you can shop stress-free and enjoy some awesome ethical fragrances.

I was kindly sent the sample perfume box set of 12 mini size perfumes, the perfect set to trial all of which Dolma has to offer. There is truly a fragrance for everyone, you have floral, musky, fruity and woody. I’m someone who prefers the floral scent but I did enjoy many of the other kinds in the box set.

The box includes:

  • Andromeda: A very enjoyable wooden scent, one that anyone can appreciate
  • Cushie B: It has a pleasant musky undertone, perfect if you like the stronger scents
  • Anahita: This is a really nice & light floral scent, one of my favourites
  • Prelude: A musky scent, again this is great if you enjoy the stronger smells, I like to use this on evenings
  • Raga: This is a nice and light scent, one of my favourites
  • Calista: It has a delightful floral scent which woody undertones
  • Compassion: A sweet fragrance with mild undertones perfect for summer days
  • Sarabande: A great strong smell, surprisingly one of which I enjoyed
  • Sonata: Its soft & mild with floral undertones
  • Amethyst Mist: This is my absolute go-to scent now, with its floral scent
  • Vegemusk: A slightly musky scent (hint is in the name hehe)
  • Keltina: A very potent fragrance, one should enjoy strong scents to appreciate this fragrance  

Not only the scents of these fragrances but also the long lasting smell that they offer is perfect. I did not have to continually reapply the perfume as the fragrance would last throughout the day but I would reapply for the evenings. This is something that would not happen with regular perfumes that I have experienced in the past. Dolma perfumes are truly long lasting and potent scents, which gain people’s attention. I’ve had people at work ask about the perfume as it smells divine.

As you can tell, I have a few favourites from the perfumes Dolma offers. If you want to trial them all like I have done, then you too can get your perfume box set on the Dolma website for £32.95. All of the scents are luxurious and bespoke. You will be supporting a great ethical and cruelty-free company whilst smelling gorgeous. I know I will be wearing Amethyst Mist constantly now! I have really love exploring ethical fragrances with Dolma. Their beliefs mesh with my own so well and I will continue to use & love their products now I have a go-to scent!

Thank you so much to the amazing team over at Dolma for kindly sending me these amazing perfumes to try out and now I am obsessed with! Highly recommend Dolma to anyone wanting to experience ethical fragrances.


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