I came across this brand on Instagram; scrolling through their feed I knew I had to go to the website for a nosy and they have so many great products to choose from, All of them are of course vegan and cruelty free- the best kind of skincare. But I was lucky enough to be gifted this product to review. They sent me two of these moisturisers to try out and review . I was super excited to test the moisturiser out because it is rose scented cream and if you know me then you would know that I adore anything that is rose scented, or even rose flavoured.



These little beauties arrived at my house just 2 days after arranging the postal information with Dr Botanicals- buzzing! They arrived in a little box wrapped in paper no plastic to be seen; everything from the box they came in went into the compost bin, when a company doesn’t send me bubble wrap and a mountain of plastic they are the best! As I am an environmentalist trying to reduce my plastic usage getting sent unnecessary plastic is annoying. Dr Botanicals is a win in this department.



So the product packaging itself is super cute and a floral print is perfect for summer.  As the cream is in a aluminium tube it is great for storing in the fridge, keeping the product cool in the heat during these warmer months, as I personally prefer to add cold moisturiser to my skin in the summer, it cools my skin down as well as hydrating it. The tube states it is a light cream and it really is, the moisturiser is super light and soft on the skin.

The product contains coconut oil which works to hydrate your dry skin, of course it also contains rose water which calms and soothes your skin and helps to give you a more even complexion. From using the product myself at the start of every morning I have noticed how the smell of rose lasts all day long and my skin stays smooth throughout the day, it makes you feel fresh even though you’ve had a busy day. Definitely this product has become my summer must have product.


I loved trying this new summer product out from Dr Botanicals, it is a great skin cream, pretty floral and smells divine. Have you tried any of Dr Botanicals products yet?



  1. nictani
    June 27, 2017 / 9:11 AM

    I am very grateful to you for the information.

  2. Mary
    June 29, 2017 / 9:51 PM

    I bought it and for me the fragrance is way too strong and artificial

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