oxford island

I’ve been experiencing some really bad homesickness after moving to Portsmouth just last week. What better way to cope with the feeling of missing home than to write about a little trip I took with my mum and step-dad before I left. Walking around the Oxford Island Discovery Centre on Lough Neagh; reliving all the childhood memories from school trips up here. The place is a beautiful wildlife discovery area full of green scenery and water from ponds to the lough. I used to love travelling to this area because of how amazing the environment is and re-visiting it a few weeks ago I remembered how much I loved it. Being in a city now; I miss the countryside and all the little animals around the place.

Oxford Island

Oxford Island is located in Craigavon Co Armagh in Northern Ireland – not far from where I lived for the past 3 years. After discussing for ages on what we should do on that day, we decided to revisit it and have a little stroll around the island (which isn’t really an island, haha) I found some places I never knew existed before. Which is always fun, I love exploring.

oxford island

After parking the car in the car park, we have to walk across this bridge which goes over a little pond over grown with plants to get on the other side with different paths you can choose to walk down; I think it looks so pretty I just had to take a photo, or 2. As you do.


oxford island


Just after the little wooden bridge along the pond again there is this little wooden pier, that looks out onto the pond; I remember sitting here during one of my school trips when we were learning about wildlife, having to catch some marine wildlife (which I know isn’t very vegan of me; but we did but them back.) I found learning about these little creatures fascinating, so I really got into it – not the pond just the activity haha. I don’t know I’ve just always love nature and all the little beings that live in it. So beautiful.


I saw a beautiful flower while we were walking around the lough with my mum. I decided to go take a photo of the flower but the photo didn’t do it any justice so I am not posting the photo, but I soon discovered a little walking path through the grass. Of course I just had to wonder down it to see what I could find. I found a little stoned edge with waves from the lough smashing on it & what looks to be a broken wooden pier at the end of the hidden pathway. Which looks scary but really cute.


Still standing on the stone edge close to the water, between the tree branches. I could see the pier that they use now to walk down probably to use jet skis and boats etc. I wanted to walk down the long stretch of wooden walkway; to see how far I can get without freaking out (I have Thalassophobia which is the fear of large volumes of water, and by gosh Lough Neagh is one huge body of water.) Lets give it a go eh!


About to walk on the pier, looking down at the water with my heart beating 10 times faster. I was debating whether or not to actually go walking down the pier. But guess what I did! And it was a great a feeling to have actually stood on the edge of a pier, with waves crashing and strong winds blowing against me without hyperventilating. I was so proud of myself, baby steps all the way and maybe one day I can conquer my fears.


Even though it was a bit of dark day; I really enjoyed exploring Oxford Island with my family. It was a fun day and reliving some old memories was very nostalgic – something I didn’t think I would remember. I’m glad to have had the chance to explore places in my home country and have such fond memories of those trips. When I go back home for Xmas break I want to go explore some other places from my childhood.

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