Tackling a phobia head on is probably the only way you can really beat an irrational fear of something but jumping into the ocean was something I was not going to do this time.

What is Thalassophobia?

Well it can be an intense and persistent fear of the sea or of sea travel (boat trips). Thalassophobia can include fear of being in large bodies of water, fear of the vast emptiness of the sea, and fear of distance from land. It can also include fear of the unknown, of what lurks beneath. I am one who suffers with this irrational fear, I have written a post all about my phobia of the ocean here if you want to give it a read.

Many people have fears, and we seldom realise how serious those fears are to some people – and in my case, I get laughed at when people acknowledge my phobia. Yes, I fear the ocean, so what? It’s valid but contested every time I go on holiday. I like to push myself in ways to overcome my fears (which I managed with horses; I was once terrified to go near a horse, then did a course in which kick started with me having to clean out the horse’s hooves and now I have a qualification in Equine Care – I jumped in at the deep end with that one, no pun intended) However, literally jumping in at the deep end is not on the cards, yet. Or maybe ever, we will see.


Humans have only explored 5% of the ocean

Fighting Thalassophobia

On a two-week trip in Alcudia with the family, they decided to take a boat ride around the Alcudia bay that we were staying close to during the second week we were there; it was just a few days after my birthday when we ventured onto the boat. I hesitated at first because I didn’t know what to expect whilst fearing for my life, haha.

Walking along the streets of Port D’Alcudia that are lined with souvenir shops and those cute little excursion centres you see always close to the tourist areas, such handy places. We booked our little boat trip in one of these centres. At the time I was not made aware at how long the journey was, so when we turned up I was surprised to see it was two hours long. Two hours on a boat, travelling around in the ocean, that deep and empty terrifying place where humans have only explored 5% off. Well and truly fighting Thalassophobia on this occasion.

The Boat Trip

The boat trip took us around the bay of Alcudia, to see the pretty sights of the location. Stopping in a few spots along the marina: Sunwing, Ciudad Blanca and Las Gaviostas, to pick up other travellers, for the two hours at sea. There were a couple of key points of interest on this journey that we saw they were I. Alcanada (a lighthouse island just of the coast) Coll Baix (a beach in a cove) and Cap d’es Pinar (another lighthouse)

boat trip alcudia

I will admit that once on the boat and not focusing on the fact that I was travelling across a deep abyss of water, just taking in my surroundings the beautiful rocks and the weather, it wasn’t that bad. As a lover of nature and once a geology fanatic the structure of the cliffs and natural processes that shape the caves around the coast was taking over my mind, more than the fear itself, which is such a great thing to happen to me. The area was so stunning and captivating, it helped me forget to an extent that I was afraid of the ocean.

fighting thalassophobia alcudia

Uncontrollable fear

Things soon changed however, when in Coll Biax where the boat anchored and anyone who wanted to, could swim in the crystal waters of the unspoilt cove in the Alcudia bay – as much as the area was stunning, so blue and picturesque. I felt my anxiety kick into high gear when they switched the engine off and we were just sitting there stationary with the odd movement from the waves beneath the boat. It was safe to say I was panicking like crazy internally, hoping that the boat wouldn’t sink, as it was a small little thing holding a lot of people, I feared the worse haha. I couldn’t understand how so many people were jumping off the boat into the water, laughing and shoving each other, I think I obtained the fear for them. It is uncontrollable and just something that happens I guess.

Once the boat started the engine and raised the anchor, my heart settled well just a little, it wouldn’t be content until my feet were on solid ground again.

Despite this I would strangely recommend that you take a boat trip on your holiday. Even if like me, you have Thalassophobia, it is a way to start kicking that fear out of your life for good. I know I far from cured from this phobia but it’s a step in the right direction. So, I want to finish this with saying thanks to Holiday Gems for collaborating with me on this post, I have enjoyed sharing my boat trip experience. If you would like to have your own boat trip experience in Alcudia (or somewhere else) then be sure to check them out for amazing deals on holidays; its not too late to book your summer getaway.



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