Australia remains at the top of many a travel bucket list. And it’s easy to see why – from pristine beaches to the wild outback, there’s something for every type of trip and traveller.

Whether you’re a solo explorer, a round-the-world tripper, or are simply looking for a holiday experience like no other, Australia certainly ticks all the backpacking boxes.

If you’re hoping to inspire some serious Insta-envy from your friends back home, Australia’s sprawling cities, exotic rainforests, indigenous heritage and unusual wildlife are some of the best in the world.

To whet your appetite for wanderlust, we’ve listed our top five Australian experiences for the solo traveller below:

1. The Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a pretty epic place to start your Australian adventure. Lining Queensland in North-Eastern Australia, this natural masterpiece stretches 1,430 miles and is the largest living thing in the world – it’s even visible from space!

Made up of more than 600 types of coral, the reef is home to a whole eco-system of marine life, including starfish, dolphins, turtles and countless species of colourful fish.

You can dive the reef year-round, however, the best conditions can be found between August and December.

2. Uluru National Park

Located just a few hours’ drive from Sydney, Uluru National Park is considered the heart of Australia’s spiritual heritage. This World Heritage registered site is home to one of the most famous rock formations in the world. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is about experiencing the country’s cultural significance, particularly in art, music, dance and culture.

Discover Uluru yourself or take a guided tour to understand more about its heritage, as well as local wildlife and Aboriginal Dream Time stories that are famous in the area.

3. Byron Bay

Considered by many as one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, Byron Bay continues to be popular with travellers and locals alike. Thanks to its crystal clear waters, sub-tropical climate and laid back locals, Byron offers a unique perspective on Australian life.

Explore Julian Rocks at the centre of Byron. Take a boat ride or go scuba diving to witness giant turtles and rays up-close. Then, after a hard day’s exploring, head into town to enjoy one of the dozens of locally-run seafood restaurants lining the bay.

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge stands at an impressive 134 metres above sea level and connects the northern and southern sides of Port Jackson Harbour. The Bridge is the largest steel structure in the world.

If you’re looking for an adventure like no other, try the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Daredevils can walk the along the top of the bridge for a truly unique photo op!

5. Daintree Forest

Get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most weird and wonderful wildlife at Daintree Forest. Located north of Cairns, Queensland, Daintree is part of the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest on the Australian continent. What’s unique about this rainforest, however, is that it combines white sandy beaches and coral reefs with towering trees and lush canopies, criss-crossed with hundreds of purpose-built walking tracks, so you don’t need to worry about going off the beaten track while you explore.


Ready to take on Australia?

While Australia is beautiful, it is a wild country. Snakes, spiders and sharks can be a real threat, especially if you’re travelling alone.

Whether you plan to dive off into the deep blue or play it safe on white sands. You’ll need to ensure you’ve got the right travel insurance before you set off. This is even more important as a solo traveller, so do your research before you board the plane.

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