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The first week of university was probably one of the toughest weeks of university. Not only was I in a different city, I was also in a different country to my family. There was no structured schedule that first week because it was freshers. It’s all about meeting your new flatmates, people in halls or out in the clubs. As a homebody myself knowing practically no one I didn’t adjust well to Freshers. Not having that familiarity of home to go back to every day. I think I spent my days wishing I was back home, going out at night with people I met in halls and repeating the cycle again the following days.

Freshers Week was one of the most daunting times during my first year at university. So for todays post I wanted to share with all you new freshers tips on how to survive the weird first few weeks of uni. I promise after Freshers Week it gets much easier and less daunting.

Tips and Tricks

My top tip would be to not worry about becoming best friends with the people living in your flat. Chances are after Freshers you guys may only bump into each other once a week or have catch ups whilst cooking. You haven’t met anyone on your course, or in societies. People you have more in common with you will meet during induction and Freshers Fayre. Give it time, you will fit in.

Look at societies your university offers before the freshers fayre. You can get a feel for what activities your uni has to offer. Make a list of the societies you want to visit at the Fayre so you don’t miss something you wanted to see. I can tell you is that the fayre gets super crowded and chaotic. So you may miss a stall if you don’t prepare.

It’s okay to call home if you’re struggling. I know for me I struggled a lot. I called my mam like three times a day, gramps like twice a day etc. It’s a transition stage in your life so don’t punish yourself for feeling homesick. If you want to get some comfort then call home, they will be delighted to hear from you. Maybe don’t do the excessive calling that I did haha.

Do everything that you want to do. Do as much stuff as you can, keep yourself busy so you won’t feel as lost and homesick. In Freshers week you have many taster events to try new sports or activities. It’s the best time to throw yourself into something new. In my Freshers week, my coursemate and I signed up for Quidditch training, something we never tried before. Not going to lie, I didn’t go back but it was fun to try. You never know you might find something you enjoy.

Pre-hard. A form of drinking alcohol before going to the club, to avoid the high prices in the bars. If you drink then this is something you should definitely do as a student (18 or over of course). Every new fresher does this, even me. Someone who didn’t drink alcohol.

Following on from drinking. Do not feel pressured into drinking alcohol just to make friends. I did this during freshers to fit in with everyone but if you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Then don’t feel pressured into it, do you!

Freshers flu is likely to hit you. It’s a known fact in university that someone will get freshers flu at some point. So try to eat and drink enough healthy foods and fluids to avoid this. Keep your immune system healthy by ensuring you get enough vitamins. You can drink a glass of orange juice for breakfast every morning. Include peppers into your diet, eat citrus fruits like lemons etc. Cook everything in garlic and onions. You know anything that gets those vitamins in! Here are some recipes I enjoyed as a fresher (and I avoided the flu btw):

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun! It’s all about the memories and having a good time. Because once first year is over, it’s time to put the head down and do some actual work towards your degree.

Start your first year off right, having a great time in your new home with new amazing friends. You will have the best time at university, enjoy your freshers week. Do you have any other tips or tricks for freshers?


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