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From the rush of Christmas shopping, making sure that everything is planned. This can cause the holiday stress to build up and it’s easy to get lost in those hectic days leading up to Christmas. Therefore you probably end up forgetting the magic of the season. Below are a few of my tips to help reignite the magic of Christmas. Remember, it’s always important to take some time to yourself and to practice self-care, to avoid the holiday stress.

Switch off all technology

Technology and social media, can be overwhelming. So it’s nice to just switch it off sometimes. You could play board games with family or cook a meal. Even bake some Christmas cookies or go for a winter walk around your neighbourhood. One of my other favourite things to do, is to read my favourite Charles Dickens book “A Christmas Carol”. There’s so much more you can do too, get creative and festive.

Pamper yourself

Do the things you enjoy because Christmas can get stressful therefore pamper yourself. You should treat yourself to a nice bath, give yourself a face mask. Maybe even take that nap you’ve been wanting to take but couldn’t because you have a massive to-do list. Those lists of things you need to achieve can be placed on hold for at least a few hours. Put on your favourite Christmas playlist and just enjoy time to yourself. Don’t stress, it’s only one day a year. You need to remember to take care of yourself, physically and mentally.

Family time

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Because I get to celebrate with family, I get to go home for a few weeks and relax. Reducing stress by spending time with loved ones. Watching Christmas movies and baking cookies with my brother, just to name a few. Just the little things that can help boost your mindset about the festive season. You could have a Christmas themed evening with a friend. Maybe even go out for a Christmas dinner. Create memories that will last a lifetime and make you happy during the holidays.

Holiday stress can take over the mindset and make the holidays seem annoying. I know for me travelling home is always a stress. But knowing I am going home helps to release that stress. Do you have Christmas stresses? What things do you do to stop the stress?


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