For twenty years of my life, I was so terrified to step onto the ice. Not experiencing the thrill of skating. I wasted all those winter months by saying ‘no’ to going ice skating, simply because I was afraid to lose my fingers. But as I am growing up, living on my own in a different country it’s time I start learning and doing new things right? I did roller skating/blading when I was younger, being really good at it and doing tricks. Many people told me that ice skating was just rollerblading on ice, I just never believed them. Until I went ice skating for myself.


Ice Skating for the first time

One of my flatmates, Elisha got a seasonal job at the local ice rink down by the Guildhall in Portsmouth. She decided to take Cherry (one of our flatmates) and I down to go skating. Cherry had never skated either on ice or the ground. I had never skated on the ice before, thus you could say we were complete beginners. I was more scared than she was if I’m honest, but also super excited to finally conquer the ice.


Stepping onto the ice for the first time, after getting the skates on, was really strange. Trying to balance on the blades and push myself off, was difficult for me. Having to use the side of the rink to help me get around the rink, for the first 2 rounds. However, after that I got to grips with skating and was able to skate without any help. Pushing myself off on one foot and then onto the other foot.

It was only then that I realised all those people who had told me ice skating was just like roller skating, were correct. Starting to build up some speed now moving further and further into the middle of the rink. Being able to skate with my friend Elisha and trying not to trip over some little children and their penguin skate aid. Cherry, however on the other hand took a little longer to get the hang off skating, we tried showing her how to push from one foot to the other which she caught on too and was finally starting to go somewhere, woohoo! I thought it was such a fun evening, as the three of us had such a good time on the ice.


I just fell in love with ice skating that day, saying I gained a new hobby! It actually made me want to buy new roller skates. Go skating down by Southsea Beach, in the summer months. Oh and of course go ice skating more often! It was such fun and I only fell on my bum once, so it was a great first time on the ice.




  1. January 31, 2018 / 5:14 PM

    Hi sophie, i must say you have very interesting articles here.

    • sophie
      June 13, 2018 / 2:15 PM

      I’m so happy you think so. Do stick around and read some more 🙂

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