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This has been the longest that I’ve gone without going home. It has been 11 months since I on the isle of Ireland. But now I am going home for Christmas and I can’t wait.

Being away at university for so long, sometimes you don’t know where home is. Yes you have a room in your parents’ house, you also have your own room in the house you rent. Maybe you even have family where you study so you have space there too. But you feel like a floater, going between places not really settled. That’s fine, it’s just the stage us students go through. Home is always home! Going home for me means flying back to Northern Ireland. Seeing family and enjoying the food, haha. Northern Ireland isn’t far from England at all and yet there are foods I grew up eating, you wouldn’t find here in England which is odd. So I am excited for that.

I mentioned flying, if you follow my journey you know I am trying to make my life as ethical as possible. So when I mention flying you might be thinking, “that’s not very ethical”. It’s true, flying isn’t very environmentally friendly. The emissions given off by planes is immense and highly polluting. I have always been conscious about my flying, however economically it’s all I can afford. Flying is so much cheaper than getting a ferry across, plus trains to get to the ferry port as well. I try my best when it comes to being environmentally conscious. Offsetting carbon is an alternative I try when flying is my only option. Whilst this method shouldn’t be to main go to, it’s there when there is no other choice. It’s a last resort kind of job.

Anyway, Christmas is such a great time of year, especially in my family. Last year we tricked my brother into thinking I wasn’t going home for Christmas. To his surprise one Monday evening in the middle of December, he walked through the door and saw me sitting on the sofa. With a massive grin on his face, he kept saying “you lied, why are you here?” haha, quite funny. This year however, he already knows I am coming back today. Everyone knows, so no surprises this year. Other than what presents we might be getting, that’s the surprise this year haha.

Now, it’s time to pack up my things, and get travelling to the airport as my flight leaves at 3pm, Northern Ireland here I come!


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