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As the Female Entrepreneur Week kicked off yesterday, I wanted to interview one of the female entrepreneurs I have the pleasure to know & help through social media and my blog, she started up a brand called Breakfast by Bella and  I am one of the brand ambassadors for the company- you can see my post about the products here: Taste Test. What better way to celebrate the start of Female Entrepreneur Week than to introduce to you my readers, the women behind this incredible Granola brand. So I hope you enjoy my interview with the brains behind Breakfast by Bella.


Can you introduce yourself and the company briefly?

Sure, my name is Jessica Vella-Templeton. I am an average girl born in London, bred in Cornwall and I set up my company, Breakfast by Bella, in late 2016. I am a budding entrepreneur with a tenacious spark who believes in living life to the absolute max!

Breakfast by Bella focuses on providing solutions for a quick, healthy, natural breakfast in a jar, which is portable and great for those on the go. As a stepping stone to the ultimate goal, we rolled out our first product, granola, in May this year.

We started with 3 blends:

  1. Peanut Butter Me Up
  2. Cacao Crazy
  3. Nutty Nosh

Breakfast by Bella granola has been created to give people a nutritious and home-baked start to the morning. Each blend is refined sugar free, vegan and made with gluten free and organic ingredients, containing none of the nasties associated with artificial preservatives and colourings.

As a company, Breakfast by Bella is committed to providing natural, wholesome breakfast and snack items. Our products range from 88% to 100% organic and each ingredient is recognisable to the consumer. We look forward to introducing more to the market.

What made you want to start your own business?

Before Breakfast by Bella, I never really envisioned myself having my own business. I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was 11 and I pursued it having never really considered other career options. Last year, I found myself commuting to London feeling quite deflated. I remember asking myself on countless occasions: “is this really it? Surely there is more to life?” At around the same time, I was making breakfast jars for work.
The breakfast jar came about from my want to eat a healthy, natural and vegan breakfast following various health issues. So I would fill a jam jar with homemade granola, yoghurt, fruit or smoothies. When comparing what I was putting into my jar to what was available for me to buy on the way to the office, I noticed a huge difference in the food quality. I also loved that I had control over what I was eating. Slowly but surely, the breakfast jar was becoming a crucial part of my morning routine. As I stomped to work, breakfast jar in tow, I often wondered how many other people rush to have breakfast to the extent that they don’t have it at all or end up spending money on processed food. This notion triggered Breakfast by Bella. I wanted to share the breakfast jar idea and show people how easy it is to manage a hectic morning without compromising your health or your purse.


How do you manage to keep up the business?

I continue to work full time while getting Breakfast by Bella off the ground, which has now become extremely challenging. These days, I manage Breakfast by Bella with very little sleep, hard work and persistence.

In the beginning, keeping up was easy because I started Breakfast by Bella as more of a blog. Therefore, I would simply make my normal breakfast jar, take a photo and then post it onto social media. Once Breakfast by Bella started developing, it became more demanding, for example, lately I have needed to be on the phone to suppliers, festival organisers and various other people. So I have needed to ensure that I utilise every minute of my day efficiently. My commutes to and from work are spent catching up with emails and setting up phone calls to take place during my lunch break. The tight schedules have forced me to manage my time better – my diary is now my best friend. I have also started delegating tasks to my husband (aka my minion) who has been a fantastic help of late.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

The people and being creative!

I absolutely love connecting with people. I am a very sociable person and I have always strived to help others. The idea for Breakfast by Bella came about from a simple idea, but one that I can use to show people how easy it is to have a tasty, natural breakfast on the go. Also, as I network more I am learning that the food industry is a small friendly community. I love meeting new innovative people along my way and sharing stories.

Over the last years, I have learnt that I am my happiest when I can be creative. I absolutely love creating new recipes, modifying them and learning what flavours work well. I particularly love that I am finally doing something that I am passionate about.

I no longer ask myself: “Is this really it?” I have space to be creative in the way that I want and there is plenty of room to grow – the world is my oyster!



All photos used in this post are my own; but the logo is Breakfast by Bella's. The interview itself is solely in Jessica's words, I did not alter anything.

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    Hi Sophie

    Your website has come a long way!

    Building a mailing list like you are is so important too, I think people would really like to be signed up to what you have to share. Good job on the social buttons, social media is so powerful these days. Keep making great stuff!

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