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I was able to attend my first blogger event in Portsmouth last Saturday (28th October). This was the Halloween event at LUSH. My first ever event to be honest, and I loved every minute of it! I didn’t know what to expect at first though; other than amazing products! But I learnt a lot while I was there, such as how they are doing more plastic free packaging; I got to create my own Rose Cheeks face mask and Teddy bubble bar and got to munch o some awesome vegan Halloween snacks.



Lush, being one of my favourite shops I was so excited to get stuck in, buy everything around me. But on a student budget that is difficult so I had to limit myself – proud of myself for not getting too much! I enjoyed the Halloween cat eye biscuits, which of course were vegan! And made by the store manager herself! That is some skill to be able to make so many tasty and beautiful goodies. She also baked Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes and Chocolate Brownies – all were of course delicious.

insophiesmind.comI mentioned above, I was able to create my own little products as if I was working in the Lush factory, haha. The little teddy bubble bar is so cute and was super fun to make – and the face mask was so good to see be created, I was so delighted that it was the Rosy Cheeks face mask that was being made because it was my favourite one (well along with the cupcake face mask as well) Do you have a favourite?

Going Naked!

lush naked

package free lip scrubs

One thing that really stood out to me that night, was the fact that Lush are pushing plastic free, naked packaging ethics – due to how much plastic waste has been created over the last 50 years. As this is something I am passionate about – of course I was going to be intrigued when my favourite store was supporting this movement. They have always had a bit of environmental awareness with their incentives (such as these mentioned below)

Lush’s Initiatives:

  • Eco-flow: Popcorn (the starch nuggets) used when shipping products are 100% compostable and eco-friendly. So if you get lush products delivered do not throw away these little nuggets, take them to the compost.
  • Shampoo Bars: These, you may have seen in my previous posts – I use them all the time. They provide you with 80+ washes (three times what you get with bottled shampoo) These bars help reduce plastic waste, lower your carbon footprint and make your hair smell amazing
  • Black pots: This one you may have seen before, if you bring back 5 clean pots you get a free fresh face mask. These pots get sent back to the factory to be recycled and reused.
  • Fabric Wraps: the versatile and re-useable fabric, are made from either 100% organic fair trade cotton or 100% recycled plastic bottles


And now Lush are creating their first naked range of bottled shower gels and lip scrubs – so if you are like me and aiding a zero waste lifestyle, you do not have to sacrifice your favourite scent now.  If your favourite shower gel is Rose Jam; fear not there is a naked version of this amazingly sweet shower gel – along with every other Lush product in store. As I was interested, I had to ask how long this naked shower gel lasted- as my bar of soap I currently use is lasting me a really long time. The staff who have used the Rose Jam one had mentioned to me that they are typically meant to last about the same amount as 2 or 3 bottles of liquid shower gel. So this therefore makes using the naked version more economical and environmental – perfect!

Why are Lush pushing this movement?

Well it is because, they have realised how much plastic is wasted, every day, month and year. 2.2 million tonnes of waste produced is plastic (accounts for 59% of all waste). There is approximately 8 million new pieces of plastic entering the ocean every day! It takes 500 years to naturally decompose plastic; our seas are drowning in plastic (see my We Are Destroying the Ocean post) Over the last 10 years, we have produced more plastic than during the whole of last century- plastic is a major problem that needs addressing, this is the reason why Lush have started pushing this idea of naked products.

As it was a Halloween evening, we were given some little Halloween goodies; the Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar – which I used when I went out on Halloween night; my Alien Outfit needed some shimmer, when I put this on the first time wow my senses were in love! The sweet fruity smell and stunning shine from the glitter this bar is my favourite Halloween product! Then we were given a bar of soap; which was called Hedgewitch Soap, this bar I have not used yet as i’m currently still using my other one, I swear my collection of Lush soap is piling up rightly. However I can tell you how great it smells- but that is what you can say about almost every product from Lush. So it doesn’t really narrow it down does it? Haha, you should just try it for yourself if you haven’t already.

(I shall be discussing some Christmas products from LUSH; but that is being saved for my Blogmas)

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  1. November 5, 2017 / 9:50 AM

    I am so happy to learn this! Being environmentally friendly is also a passion of mine 😍 I really really hope that other companies join in this movement! Thankyou for posting.

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