March has been such a busy month for me, as it’s the end of the semester, deadlines have been piling up. Basically, every Tuesday at noon I had to hand in an assessment, having to neglect everything else. But despite all the work for university, I did manage to attend a blogger event and sample some new products. I changed my hair colour, seen movies in the cinema with my boyfriend and got to hang out with friends. It was also the month we seen ‘the beast from the east’ that brought snow to the UK. Not just once, but twice now I’m not usually one to moan but I really dislike snow. Especially in a month when it’s supposed to be coming into spring. Icy, cold and snowy just reminded me of being back home at Christmas time. Since last week, however, I am loving the longer nights now the clocks have gone forward. Makes taking photos for the blog easier, natural light and all that good stuff. I also attended more activist events, which is something I love doing.

Now onto the favourites this month!

Benefit smoothies*

I was sent a few benefit shakes a while back, and since trying them for the first time then. I have been loving them for a quick breakfast to go, when in a rush to get to class. They come in 4 different flavours: strawberry, mango, blueberry & acai and sour cherry. Blended with a base of almond milk, making them suitable for vegans, which just the company that much better in my books. Benefit shakes say: “We pack enough vitamin A, C & E in our Shakes to keep you feeling ACE all day!” They aren’t far wrong there, I always feel ace after drinking my smoothie. My favourite blend is the Blueberry and Acai, the flavours together work so well. Plus, they act as a super-food, as the acai berries have antioxidant qualities to them, and are naturally delicious. You can check out benefit website for more information on these awesome shakes.

Bunny Blogger Event at The Body Shop Chichester*

I was invited to attend the body shop #bunnybloggers event on the 15th March at the Chichester store. It was lovely to attend this event, as the team there host awesome events for us bloggers. I loved seeing all the other local bloggers, sampling the products and enjoying some vegan Wagamama’s food. The event was to promote the body shop’s ‘ban animal testing worldwide’ petition, something close to my heart. As a vegan and enthusiastic activist banning animal testing is something that I believe needs to happen. The body shop petition is almost at 5 million signatures, and they need 8 million. You can sign it here: Ban Animal Testing Petition.

Energy boosting programme with Nutri-Advanced*

I started an energy programme with Nutri-Advanced back in February (you can find that post: here) however I slacked off around the middle of the month. Despite that, I started the programme up again this month, probably wasn’t such a good idea though with the deadlines causing me to pull all-nighters. Needing coffee to keep me going through the day / night haha. My coffee intake didn’t really change because of this, I still have way more than the recommended amount.

Too Much Coffee!

But I was able to drink more water through my day (with lemon added to it for more vitamins) and reduce my sugar intake, I think I had just 2 bars of chocolate this whole month. The programme I believe would work a lot better if I didn’t decide to get it over my deadline period. I will do it again over the summer months for a proper test and share my progress week by week. Therefore we all can see how well it works during a calm time. I can say how much I loved the granola recipe that they sent me, making it was so easy and beyond delicious as a snack or for breakfast. I will be publishing the recipe for it soon, thanks to the lovely team at Nutri Advanced.

Going Blue with Colour Freedom

march favourites

I wanted a break from essay writing, so last week I decided to dye my hair once again. This time I decided to go blue as I’ve basically been every other colour possible (expect pink and purple). The colour blue is one I love, however, not as much as green but just enough to dye my hair that colour. I wanted different shades of blue, so I opted to purchase Turquoise by Superdrug from the Pick N Mix range and truly blue from Colour Freedom. I put these shades of blue over the Colour Freedom indigo Demin range so that I was able to have 3 different colours. The hair is a mixture of light and dark blue plus a sea teal colour. It makes me feel like a mermaid, a mermaid whose scared of water, haha.

Cinema trip with the boyfriend

Curtis and I went to see Pacific Rim last Sunday evening, a movie I didn’t really know much about. But I thought it was pretty good. I must say I did enjoy it, even though parts of it I was confused. We might just have to watch the first movie sometime soon. I didn’t think I would actually enjoy the movie as much as did, I guess you never know these things until you try.

Re-loving these things:

I feel like I’ve neglected a lot of things I’ve loved for so long since starting university. This month I have reconnected with some of those things:

  • Tarot – I stopped doing readings in January, just because I wanted to focus on my work for a while but that lasted over 8 weeks. It wasn’t until I started getting closer to a friend who also loves tarot and crystals, that I started using my skills again. Now I have been re-teaching myself ways to read the cards, that I realise how much I love it.
  • Recipe creation – over the summer months I started making a list of recipes that I created, and I posted some of them on my blog. Once again, I stopped doing this, but recently I’ve started creating recipes again. Hopefully I will my document of recipes completed soon. Who knows, I might just even get it published. We will just have to wait and see.
  • Activism – I attended Portsmouth first ‘Down with Dairy’ activist event this month in aid of educating the public about the diary industry and how animals still suffer and die for this industry. Activism is something I’ve loved doing for so long, because education is the key to understanding the things companies and the media hide from us. I believe that a world free from cruelty is what is needed, and activism is a step towards it. I have changed many people’s perspective on animal agriculture and even the environment issues that we all face. It gives us activists hope that with each one mind changed, we are one step closer to a world where animals no longer suffer for human satisfaction.

Music loves:

Music is something I cannot live without. Each month I have new favourites to listen to, whether they be old or new songs. This month I have been loving a mixture of pop and rock songs along with oldies from my childhood.


  • FRIENDS by Marshmello and Anne-Marie (my favourite this month by far)
  • IDGAF by Dua Lipa
  • The Middle by Zedd, Grey and Maren Morris


  • Into the Fire by Asking Alexandria
  • Wake up by Black Veil Brides
  • Legends by Sleeping with Sirens
  • The Outsider by Black Veil Brides

Childhood songs:

  • Turn Around by Conor Maynard
  • Breaking Free (High School Musical)
  • The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Favourite blog post this month:

teapig teabags

Tea bags can be compostable in collaboration with Teapigs.

March has been a good month, let’s see what April brings.

Post contains PR samples (*)

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