“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

-Benjamin Franklin

I’m currently sitting here on the sofa writing this post with a cup of hot chocolate and the blanket wrapped around me, it has been terribly cold and windy today- Winter is Coming!

So we are now 11 days into 2017 and I previously reviewed my rocky 2016 but now it’s time for those awesome goals to be set and shared for the year ahead; hoping to have a more successful year! So why not set myself 17 of them to be sure!

My Goals of 2017

1.Attend more vegan festivals

This is a goal I needed to set, to reach vegan level 2! Haha. I realised I need to surround myself with a lot more like-minded people and what better way (other than through social media) to connect with them than at VegFests; I will be going to both Belfast and Dublin VegFests, and hopefully some in England when I go.

2.Pass my driving test

I started driving lessons back in November, and had set a target then to try pass my test by February but as it is January now and I haven’t even booked my theory test yet that’ll not happen so I now plan to pass before my birthday in August; think I’ll do it? I hope so!

3.Start International Relations & Politics at University

This is one I know will be successful, I have received 4 unconditional offers from different universities; and will be moving to England in September, ahh, how exciting! The idea of being more independent is thrilling, and being able to start the course I have wanted to do for ages is great, after taking a gap year I am looking forward to getting back into studying; it’s been strange without it, think that’s why I took up learning new skills in tarot and German. (oh I will blog more about university at a later date)

4.Lose weight, Tone up and get overall fit!

I was at my ‘fittest’ back in 2014; exercising 6 days a week, on a low calorie diet and running every day with my best friend. Ok maybe it was not the healthiest of ways but I did really enjoy it- however over the past 2 years I just fell out of love with working out due to everything that went on, but now I’m ready to get fully committed to exercising again! Get out running, go to dance class, do more yoga etc.

5.Capture a lot more memories

I seen last year that I do not take enough photos, so my next goal for 2017 is to take a lot more snaps of the good times throughout the year. Especially for my new adventure to uni I’ll want to capture those memories. Let’s see how long this goal will last!

6.Read more books

I tend to read books from the Sci-fi genre or non-fiction fact books, so my next goal is to expand my comfort-zone and read more books from a range of different genres; Action, Thriller, Horror, Romance etc.. If you have any recommendations definitely let me know! 

7.Try to make 1 new recipe in a week

Now this is a great goal for me, I have started to love food again and developed my cooking skills since switching to veganism; I love changing ingredients in recipes to suit the vegan lifestyle and have recently started to create some of my own recipes (which I shall be blogging throughout the year) so why not make it a weekly thing?, this is what I plan on doing. Shall be fun.

8.Do more activism

I have only been an online activist for animals and the environment at the moment; which is totally great! However I hope to attend some local activist gatherings- do the right thing by our amazing planet and be a voice for the voiceless innocent animals.

9.Be more confident

No need to explain this one- I just simply need to be more confident.

10.Blog a lot

I want to expand my blog; write interesting articles, share my experiences and useful information many people may not be aware of. I want to learn more about the blogging world- join in the network, which I have started already, so many lovely people! Something I should have got into ages ago!

11.Go into nature more often

Spending time in nature is so refreshing; I plan to go out enjoy the natural surroundings a lot more than I do currently. A relatively simple goal for 2017- I wonder if I will tick this one off the list this time next year.

12.Achieve 150 followers

This one is a big of a stretch; but it wouldn’t be fun if they were all simple, now would it? Wanting to develop this blogging thing- we are  going to need readers, so this is my next new goal for 2017, get followers reach a bigger audience.

13.Do another charity run

Last year I did a colour run with my friend, and this year I would like to go one bettr and complete 2! Yes 2! – not that difficult eh! We will see.

14.Start using Bloglovin

Recently started up my Twitter account for this blog- I now think it is time to start using Bloglovin; connecting with other bloggers and promoting my blog- it has been a lot of fun so far, I really hope it develops more throughout this year.

15. Be organised

This is one that relates to everything throughout my life- whether it be with blogging schedules, keeping a record of appointments and simply keeping my bedroom tidy- but we will see how long this will last (it never usually lasts)

16.Keep up with tarot cards & learn palmistry

I am really loving learning the art of tarot reading, I will keep up reading the cards, and I want to learn how to read palms- It is so much fun, indulging into something outside your comfort zone and everything you are used to.

17.Look after my own health

After a stressful 2016, this goal is like the most important one for me- I will continue with mindfulness, meditation and self love. I currently believe that this one will be a success.





  1. January 19, 2017 / 8:26 PM

    Woh!!! A busy year for you!! Love these goals – especially reading more! If you need any recommendations..you know where I am! xxx

    • January 19, 2017 / 8:29 PM

      Thanks hunny! Oh yes definitely need some recommendations- I read to much sci-fi haha xxx

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