Christmas is a huge time of year in my family; not because we are religious in any way, simply just because my mother is obsessed with the holiday. She has the Christmas tree up by the end of November; all the decorations hanging throughout the house, Christmas songs playing while she is cooking, cleaning or chilling; Christmas movies in the evenings after school with hot chocolate and a real sense of family unity. This time of the year, is definitely one of my favourites because of this. All my childhood memories around this time are filled with joy and love, so therefore I wanted to show you what my Christmases looked like while I was growing up, and all the cringe photos of my younger self – for you all to enjoy.

So I think I’ll start with last Christmas and work my way back – here we go

Christmas 2016.

This was the family trip to the Belfast Christmas Market a couple of days before Christmas- We were not exactly ready for this photo, as you can tell by my granda’s facial expression and my awkward stance, but I think that’s what gives it character. We were stood inside a snow globe with frosty the snowman, polar bears and penguins (which is not geographically correct as in the North Pole penguins do not reside there) haha, but it’s a cute photo nevertheless. We spent the day, wondering around the market trying foods from across the world and drinking malt wine, taking photos and just making good memories together.

Next up we have Christmas day 2016, this is me opening up my box of vegan treats, as my brother gets a chocolate selection box every year, my mam puts together a little goody box of vegan sweeties and chocolate for me. It is so cute, filled with YoYos, Love Hearts, Free From chocolate, Bourneville dark chocolate and more, that I can’t remember. I wonder if I will get the same this year, haha. I mean now I live on my own; if people buy me food as gifts I wouldn’t complain, haha.

Christmas 2015

Christmas in 2015 was a rough one, just a month before my nan had passed away suddenly, so we were still grieving at this time- but my mother was determined to not let her grief ruin the time of year she loves so dearly; and my nan loved Christmas too, so we all put on our brave faces, had a laugh and a giggle, spoke about the good times we all had with nan. We had granda stay down with us for the Christmas week which was lovely – we all opened our presents together in our pyjamas (as you can see below) A tough Christmas that year but one that brought everyone closer together, which I am thankful for.

Christmas 2014

This is one of my favourite Christmas photos ever, it was really the last photo that me and john had taken with both of our grandparents (as like I mentioned above, my nan sadly passed away just before Christmas in 2015) It may not be a perfect picture as again me and granda were not ready for the photo; but I think you could see how happy we all were to be together; when our family gets together for Christmas, its lovely, full of giggles, games, presents and silly things that either my mam or nan has said that’s made me laugh for minutes! We were still living in Antrim, this Christmas which is crazy to think about.

It turned out that year that me and my step-dad got almost matching pyjamas – Christmas pudding bottoms haha. So cute, and wow my hair was so long back then, all natural in case anyone asks. As you can see, opening presents in our pyjamas is a family tradition in our house, we open them as soon as we wake up (or in my case, when I’m woken up at 6am from my parents screaming ‘ITS CHRISTMAS’ haha, yes they are a little crazy about it. But it’s so cute.

Christmas 2012

Jumping back a few year to 2012, I was 15 years old – still with those braces. Boy were they a nightmare for 4 years! Constantly getting things stuck in them, rubber bands snapping in the middle of science experiments – the joys in high school. But Christmas in 2012 was not a bad one, we had the family over at our house again (it is a tradition) opening presents in  our pyjamas, then wearing our new clothes that day; which for me was a hand knitted jumper from Portugal, leggings and a hat because in this year I was somewhat obsessing over them, I do not know why. In the photo I am of course posing with my mam, I think this was just before we had the family Christmas dinner; where we have a somewhat buffet style dinner with the veggies on one plate, turkey on another (I was back then a meat-eater) and potatoes on a different plate for everyone to help themselves too.

Christmas 2009

Now this is where it gets cringe, skipping to Christmas 2009 when I was 11 years old – posing in the photo as I usually did as a child. Wearing my new clothes I got from Santa- that I think was somewhat fashionable back then I think its leggings and a dress with a brown belt some boots and a very shiny scarf – I think I might have been inspired by the Hannah Montana look but of course nothing bright – it had to be black, Haha. Ahh the old sky box and everything in the photo, so cute. No idea what it up with my hair at this time, so don’t ask. But yeah 2009 seemed to be quite an interesting one to look back at.

Now we get into the proper child photos; me when I was just about 3 or 4 years old.

Christmas 2001

I don’t know what my face was doing here, I might have been annoyed that my mother wanted another photo of me haha, I probably just wanted to sit in my new comfy chair and play with my new toys – I was only 4 years old.

Christmas 2000

This is 3 year old me! Cheesy grin and all, because mam shouts “Smile!” and this is what I did, sometimes still do hehe. I got a till on my lap; preparing me for that part time job in retail early in life haha thanks Santa. I love this photo though, I am with my nan – this was probably just after opening all our little gifts.

These are all the photos I have for you today; I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the pictures from my Christmases past. Thinking about the memories for this post has been amazing – I loved writing this.


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