I mentioned in one of my other Christmas related posts that my mother is obsessed with Christmas (she had OCD; Obsessive Christmas Disorder) 🎅🎄 so of course we are going to have many traditions that we do every year or that we used to do when we were younger.

The first tradition is putting the Christmas tree up and all the other decorations in the last week of November. We do this every year, i think its because my mam wants to prolong the Christmas period as much as possible- but we all hate dragging the boxes down from the attic for her to go through and sort out which decorations are going where and in which room. And although we always moaned about it, the decorations make the house so cosy and warm. I’m missing out on this tradition this year as im currently in England until mid December, but I’m actually so much more excited for Christmas this year to be going home and seeing everyone.

The next tradition is having granda staying down over the christmas period, this is a relatively new tradition as we only moved away from my hometown 2 years ago and we always had my grandparents come over for Christmas dinner after they did the rounds seeing all their other grandchildren (as they are much younger than me and my brother) but since we moved they came and stayed with us and now my nan has passed my granda stays for the week.

Christmas Eve comes along and the third tradition we have is eating takeaway so we don’t have any dishes to wash up, because mam has already organised the table for Christmas dinner with all the plates and cutlery already out and nicely presented. We would usually have a chinese or a chippy (as a vegan i can still eat in these places, I just double check before hand). This is one we always look forward too, indulging in some yummy food and watching Christmas movies as a family.

Then also on Christmas Eve, we all have little boxes to open for the night. (In the boxes we always get pyjamas, socks or slippers, some chocolate and either shower gel or bath foam) this is because we always have had a bath or a shower before going to sleep as children and this tradition has just stuck and now my mam,step dad and granda also get christmas eve boxes to open before bed.

Christmas day traditions include being woke up way too early by our parents, opening all the presents together in our pyjamas mam taking loads and loads of photos of us all half asleep trying to get wrapping paper off the gifts haha, then after that we normally get washed and dressed thank everyone who gave us gifts and wish other family and friends a merry christmas. We watch some movies while mam sorts dinner and then we play some games with everyone around before sitting down to dinner at like 3 or 4pm. After dinner everyone is so full its usually nap time.

One tradition that we seem to have lost since we were kids was the trip to a live pantomime. Every year without fail we would head up to Belfast to the Grand Opera House and see a pantomime. “Oh no you didn’t!” “Oh yes we did!” – sorry I just had to add that in hehe. I remember seeing Aladdin(my favourite disney movie ever, it was perfect on panto), Snow White was another, Cinderella, Jack and the Bean stalk and some others that i can’t remember. These used to be one of the best parts of christmas time.

These were some of my family traditions does your family have any christmas traditions you uphold every year?


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