As many of you know I am starting a new chapter in my life; I’m off to university in three weeks time. I am excited to move back to a city however in a completely different country – it is scary don’t get me wrong, being approximately 500 miles away from my family and friends, there were times I doubted my choices. Should I even do this to myself? Move away and struggle on my own. Nevertheless this experience is going to be such a great one for me personally; a way to tackle social anxiety, fend on my own and of course get that degree in International Relations and Politics. Hopefully.

politics university checklist

As I am having to catch a flight over to England; I am limited to 40kg (that’s across 2 bags) and a cabin bag, I decided to get all my essentials when I arrive at my accommodation ; however I will be taking a lot of the things I already own with me to avoid generating more waste. Doing this I have to be so much more organised so that I won’t forget to buy anything that I will need for the next 9 months. I wrote out a list on my phone of everything, I needed to go shopping for; trying my hardest to keep it eco friendly and as green as possible. Below is that list separated in different categories, hope you get some inspiration to add anything to your list.


university checklist

Duvet / Pillow
Mattress Topper (this is one I have heard from a lot of people every fresher needs; halls beds can be so uncomfortable this will be handy)
Bedding covers
Throw blanket (to make your room homely; whilst bringing extra comfort for those colder nights)
Cushions & Penguin teddies
Fairy lights (I will be bringing the ones I have with me; so I won’t need to buy new ones)
Plants (to bring nature into my room because leaving the countryside for the city I want the familiar scenes of green)
Hangers (these will be wooden; to reduce the plastic I use at uni)
Storage tray (I was going to buy a plate to keep items of jewellery on; however I have been using old candle lids for this; so I won’t need to buy one)
Wax burner (can’t have candles so the next best thing is a wax burner; got to make halls smell good)
Ear plugs (I won’t be partying constantly, so during the night I will be using these)
Eye mask (need the beauty sleep)
Door wedge (to be social on move in day & through the year)


study buddy brainzyme

Laptop (my granddad gave me some money for uni and I bought myself a new HP one for the new year as my current one is dieing out)
USB flash drives
Earphones (old ones had broke and my boyfriend got me new ones for my birthday past)
Backpack (have been searching thrift shops for a good quality backpack will look on Depop for one before purchasing a brand new one)
Reusable water bottle
BrainZyme study aid
(this is a food supplement to help you through studying read my review here , use the code Leigh10 for 10% off here)
Extension leads (room will more than likely one plug sockets in the weirdest places investing in one of these will come in handy)
Apps on phone (to add your timetable, schedules, deadlines & budgeting- reducing paper waste, if you want a separate post on this drop me a message)
Textbooks (will be trying to use the library books more than buying my own)
Notebooks, Pens


shampoo bar

Towels ( will need a bath towel, hand towel, face towel as the room will not provide these)
Bin (in case I end up having rubbish)
Dust pan & brush (to clean up messes)
Bath mat (for stepping out of the shower)
Toiletries (bar of soap, shampoo bar, coconut oil, rose oil, moisturiser, massage bar, hair brush)
Feminine hygiene (having a menstrual cup; I do not need to purchase any other forms of feminine products)
Makeup (colour corrector, foundation, setting powder, highlighter, eyeliner, brow liner, brushes)


maca and chocolate brownies

Crockery – ceramic bowls, plates
Glass cups, tea mugs, shot glasses
Cutlery – metal forks, knives, spoons
Pots, pans, wok
Roasting tray
Baking dish (glass)
Bamboo chopping board
Metal strainer
Storage jars for dried  food (I am taking my glass jars over with me)
Chopping knives
Storage boxes for food prep and leftovers (these will be glass)
Measuring jug (glass)
Measuring cups (taking ones I already own with me)
Wooden spoons, serving spoons, tongs, tin opener, scissors, bottle opener
Silicone muffin case
Silicone baking sheet

Mixing bowl
Tea towels, rags, natural washing brush


Laundry basket
Soapnuts (a way to keep washing clothes zero waste)


clare glen bridge ft sophie

Portable charger (to avoid the disaster of a dead phone battery)
Cards Against Humanity 
Playing cards
Camera (for blogging; my camera is the Canon EOS M10)
Backpack (for travels)
Bamboo comb

This is just a list of things I will be taking / getting for university; to give you an idea if you are also off to university as to what you may need while living away from home.

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