I’ll start by saying, I was gifted this shake complete by Nutribuddy however the views expressed below are my own. I am not in any way promoting an unhealthy diet supplement – Nutribuddy is a brand devoted to healthy, organic and vegan additions to a healthy lifestyle, it is not making people skip meals.

nutribuddy shake complete

This opportunity has been quite perfect and pretty timely with my own lifestyle choices or lack of. As a university student and sometimes rushing out to class without having breakfast, this shake has been a life saver. I’ve also started being more conscious of what I eat and making better choices. For me, this shake complete has been a great addition to my lifestyle. I was gifted the fourteen day tub of the shake, to test over two weeks. The Nutribuddy Shake Complete is a meal replacement drink made from vegan, gluten free, and all natural ingredients. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals which makes it different from all the other meal replacements.

The Ingredients

Each serving of this meal replacement is only 162 calories, with 3.7g of fat, 3.6g of fibre and 0.29g of salt so it is a great choice as a meal replacement especially in replace of breakfast. The shake mixture has:

  1. Gluten Free oats (organic)
  2. Coconut nectar sugar
  3. Rice protein (organic)
  4. Ground flaxseeds (organic)
  5. Pea protein (organic)
  6. Desiccated coconut (organic)
  7. Hemp protein (organic)
  8. Chia seeds (organic)
  9. Pink Himalayan rock salt
  10. Wild blueberry powder (organic)

I love the packaging, the rose gold and white colour is stunning, very blogger friendly. It’s not my usual colour combo but it is a stunning look. As you all know I am very conscious about reducing my impact on the planet so the fact this tub is recyclable is great. The scoop and shaker is made of plastic however, they can be reused many times! So not that bad at all.

The Shake

nutribuddy shake complete

I had the vanilla flavour, which I mixed with soy milk – quickly whisked the mixture and milk together. It formed into a liquid oatmeal, which tastes pretty good! Some of the ingredients were chunky enough to actually make you feel like you’re chewing on oatmeal rather than just drinking flavoured milk, like many of the other weight loss shake replacements you find in the store.

When I first used this shake, it didn’t fill me up, I was feeling hungry about an hour later. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work or that I was disappointed because I had expected not being satisfied straight away. Over time using the shake it started to fill me up for longer and I wasn’t as tired when trying to concentrate in my lectures or studying.

My fatigue had reduced over the two weeks using the replacement – I think having some form of breakfast helps, and a quick easy one makes it even better. I ate lunch about 3-4 hours after taking the shake because that’s when I would feel hungry again. This is pretty good as for my new diet scheduling I have 3 meals every 3-4 hours and then I do intermittent fasting for about 14 hours. I’m not telling you to do my diet and I am not recommending you to reduce your eating. I’m just telling you what is working for me and what I am currently enjoying.

I must add, I don’t weigh myself and I didn’t do it during this fourteen day shake trial as this wasn’t the aim of my trial. It was to see if my concentration and fatigue improved and I can say that I have noticed a change. My concentration whilst sitting in my morning lectures had got better since using the shake. I might have to get myself more of the mixture for the rest of the semester. If you too want to get yourself a trial, head over to Nutribuddy to get yours, it’s well worth it! Trust me!


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