One day no single use plastic challenge

I’ve written about how we are destroying the oceans before however it’s relevance today hasn’t gone away. Our oceans are full of plastic waste and companies, mainly Coca Cola have opened up about how much plastic they produce annually. Can you guess how much? They have admitted to producing 3m tonnes of plastic a year. It’s a crazy amount of plastic being added to the earth, plastic pollution is a huge issue and we as consumers need to understand what we are purchasing and consuming. Are you ready to take the 1 day no single use plastic challenge?

How can you do your bit?

I have been working hard on cutting down my use of plastic for years and I’m continuing to improve on my low waste lifestyle. But we are by no means perfect! It can be very overwhelming, however don’t let that put you off making small everyday changes. This challenge that WAKEcup has created can help with that, go 24 hours without purchasing single use plastic. Do you think you could do it?

Nick and Buffie, WAKECup’s founders have said: “We believe small changes to our daily routine, when multiplied across the globe, can make a huge difference to our shared oceans. ‘”It’s only 1 plastic straw” said 7.7 billion people’ is a line that has helped inform our thinking.”

My 24 hour challenge results

24 hour no single use plastic challenge

I took the challenge to see how well I could manage living without coming into contact with single use plastic for a whole day. Do you think I did it? Well as I am someone whose been reducing her plastic usage for a few years now, I’ve managed to steer away from buying produce wrapped in plastic for example. Sometimes it is difficult to not purchase something that’s got some sort of plastic packaging because today everything seems to be in plastic.

My mission was to not use anything in plastic packaging. I managed to do alright, I went to my local wholesale fruit and veg place who sell mostly packaged free. Picked up some broccoli, potatoes, lemons, swede and peppers all without plastic. I took my stainless steel container in case I needed to pick up some pastries, however I didn’t get any but by taking the container meant I would naturally avoid the plastic bags. During this day I also was on my period so naturally my routine was already plastic free – I use reusable liners instead of conventional pads. They are much more economical, environmental and better for the body too. No harsh chemicals on me or in the environment. No plastic so far.

It was laundry day, usually this involves some sort of conventional laundry detergents (powders, tablets, softeners etc). All of which have a lot of waste, not to mention added chemicals, I have been using soapberries for a few years now and they work a treat. Having a completely zero waste laundry routine, no plastic, no toxins, no waste. Hassle-free and super eco-friendly. Soapberries are also economically beneficial saving you money and energy as they do not require intense rinsing and spinning.

And lastly, my stainless steel water bottle, the thing I use the most. I am always using this bottle for my water, filling it and refilling it even when I’m at home haha. It is probably the easiest swap to make these days, if you haven’t done it already.

Are you going to take the challenge? How long can you go without plastic? Will you be like me and have a plastic free day?


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