We live in a world where products are available easily, cheaply and made disposable. We are using the earth’s resources at an alarming rate. This is damaging the planet severely. The choices we make may be simple but they have major effects on the environment, people & the economy. Today, we are seeing those effects from the animals washing up on beaches filled with plastics to toxins poisoning our food. In addition to that we only have about 12 years to try and ratify the climate change issue according to professionals. The whole population of this planet needs to get a handle on consumption choices.

Your Choices

Choices such as which clothing to buy and what cheap foods to purchase, they all have an effect on the planet. Everything you buy uses up a portion of the world’s resources to produce. But you could change your choices to more sustainable options  and this could help in the long run to complete sustainability. “The earth can provide for every man’s need but not every man’s greed”, this quote has never spoken more truth. Today the world’s population are consuming so much that we cannot possibly support the infinite resource demands in the future with an increase in population to 9.7 billion on the horizon (by 2050), Earth is in crisis mode.

Nobody’s perfect but conscious changes to our daily lives can help reduce the amount we consume. Are you ready to change your lifestyle for the benefit of sustaining the earth you live on?

1. Purchase what you need, not what you want!

This seems easy but is much harder to do considering we live in a time when retail therapy is something you do to feel better; you are buying solely for the purpose of buying. It is pointless, we become so materialistic using our possessions as a measure of wealth and happiness. Buying on impulse rarely results in any lasting happiness. Instead you end up discarding the item or have it cluttering space. We should b shopping with intent, purchasing the items that add value to your life and over time it’ll become second nature to you. Conscious shopping!

2. Quality choice

Buy the highest quality item that you can afford. Do some research to determine the reputation of the company and its products. How and where is it manufactured? Read blog posts and other information available to determine if the company is sustainable and eco-friendly. I have a resource section on here which lists stores I recommend which should help reduce your consumption and make sustainable choices easier.

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3. Ditch disposables

Precious resources and non-renewable energy have been used up for an item that simply exists for a small handful of times. Burning fossil fuels to create throwaway items, a complete waste of resources we are running out of. So ditch plastic straws, wet wipes and disposable menstrual products as well as all the other single-use items that fill up landfills. The consumption of these items is at an all time high and we need to change that!

4. Switch to reusables

On the issue of ditching disposables, once you realise there are many reusable options out there for all the single-use items you’ll not go back to the disposable life. There is a reusable for anything, for example plastic straws? Nope you can have glass, bamboo or steel options. Wet wipes? Again no, you can use cotton rounds which work so well and you can wash them then reuse over and over again. Disposable tampons or pads? No you can use a menstrual cup in place of a tampon, to read more about that check out is a mooncup worth it?  and for pads you can purchase bamboo reusable ones which are better for you and the environment. So don’t think there’s not an option out there for single-use items because there is, you just got to look for them.

5. Go electronic

There are digital versions of books, magazines, cards.  There’s also email, apps and other online tools to help you pay bills, receive bills electronically, track your fitness and help you work in a paperless environment. So reduce your consumption and choose electronic instead. I have changed my bank statements to online through their app, I have ditched buying dvds and used a streaming service instead. Cancelled magazine subscriptions and track my fitness/ nutrients through an app. All paperless, so it can be done. To further save the tress you can start using Ecosia – an online search engine just like Google however they plant trees for every search made and have planted over 50 million trees already. Let’s continue to build that total up. 


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