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If you know me, you know getting organised and being more productive is something that I often struggle with. I am always making lists, not going to lie I love to make lists. It’s the only way I can get things done especially at university. I often get myself goals on this blog for the year but forget about them and end up not reaching the goals. I think my issue is that I do all my goal setting online, so don’t have them in a notebook I can keep updating. Which is why I was super happy to have been sent a daily goals setter from Mal Paper to help me be more productive and reach my goals.

I’m going into my final year of university so setting my goals for the year, month, week or day is necessary. I need to ensure my productivity is up to scratch in order to study, work, volunteer and relax equally. An imbalance is these sections can throw everything out of sync and I want to achieve a well oiled machine with my life. I often fall into the YouTube trap and binge watch hours of content, knowing I have things to do. This daily goal setter notebook will help me be strict with myself… hopefully.

Goal Setter Notebook

The aim of the goal setter book is to help people with daily productivity, positivity and motivation. Which is something I believe as a student is super important to have. Sometimes we lack the productivity and motivation to get stuff done. Having lists of daily goals/ things you need to do each day plus monthly bigger goals we can plan to achieve the goals. It allows you to do 6 months’ worth of planning, perfect for long term achievements. I’ve been using my goal setting book for two months now and think my productivity has improved. Having a plan set out on paper (I know it’s not very sustainable of me). I tried the online version but as a visual learner I need to have them on paper in font of me to achieve my goals.

As a child I hated having to set goals especially in those learning development classes every week. However now I enjoy having a plan and the feeling I get when I achieve what I set out for myself. Like I achieved a huge accomplishment when in reality the goal could be as simple as “reply to all blog, uni and personal emails”. The goal setter notebook has been a huge help in me being more motivated to be an adult, like adding groceries/ paying bills to my daily goals.

Setting SMART goals

  • Specific – Is the goal clear and well defined?
  • Measurable – Is the change or intended outcome measurable?
  • Action-oriented – Does the goal require actionable behavior?
  • Realistic – Can the goal be reasonably achieved?
  • Time-bound – Do you have a deadline for completion?

Having a goal is good, but having a “SMART” goal is even better, that’s what I was told in every development class. So by using the SMART criteria and putting your goal setting objectives on paper, you should significantly improve your productivity. The notebook has a section about how to set SMART goals if you need help with them.

Tips if you’re struggling with productivity

Recently I have changed my routine, I started intermittent fasting, becoming more motivated and productive and planning things I want/need to do. Here are some things I have started doing that I believe will help you with your own productivity as well:

1. Waking up early. It’s way to easy to get into the habit of sitting in comfy clothes all day if you don’t have to leave the house. I’ve found that getting up early helps me be more productive. It sort of wakes my mind up and gets me into work mode for the day. Coffee/ tea is a bonus too! Just a tip for you to try!

2. Having a clean and tidy work area. This is one that many people preach about in their productivity posts. However as a student I know how difficult it is to find a place at home to work at. People say working on your bed is not ideal, sometimes it is the only option. My house does not have a dining table, my front room doesn’t have a table to work on etc. Just makes it difficult, so I usually result to my bedroom, that I make work. A cluttered area can leave you feeling stressed and unmotivated. Therefore the trick is too clean your bedroom, open the windows and get some fresh air to feel motivated.

3. Setting your own schedule. We all have certain times when we work best. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Setting your own schedule to get your tasks done will help massively in terms of your productivity. I find that it takes me a while to wake up fully. So my mornings are about setting up for the tasks, getting ready for the day. Then I start my daily tasks for the day, which I have set out in my daily goal setter notebook.

If you wish to become more productive in reaching your goals, then the Mal Paper book valued at £20.95 is for you.


notebook gifted by Mal Paper

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