I set myself 17 goals in 2017; in the hope of achieving them all. Some I have achieve and others I have not and that’s ok, I mean with 17 goals, that was truly pushing me this year. However I love the challenge, it was a great year, and here is a run through of my achievements and failures.

My first goal was ‘Attend more vegan festivals’ – I went to Belfast vegan festival with my friend Rachel in May, then when I settled into Portsmouth I attended the Brighton vegan festival in November. Although I said in this goal I was going to the Dublin one as well; this did not happen – but either way I attended 2 festivals this year, spent way too much money on food whilst I was there and met some awesome vegan friends. I say I achieved this goal.

Sophia Leigh passing the driving third time

Next up we have goal number 2 ‘Pass my driving test‘ – and I did this in July! I was so pleased with myself, in the goal I set I gave myself until my birthday (10th August) to pass, and I passed 3 weeks before it, how amazing! It took me 3 tries to pass the practical test you can read my article on it here. I still did it and achieved the goal.

On to goal number 3 ‘Start International Relations & Politics at University‘ – well I did it! I moved to England back in September to start IR and Politics at Portsmouth. I said I was excited to start learning again, and I was – I just forgot how much reading you had to do. I love university being here is helping my confidence and testing my anxiety every single day but it was a good decision that I made to move myself away from home to study. I well and truly achieved this goal.

Goal number 4 ‘Lose weight, Tone up and get overall fit!’ – I knew when I wrote this goal, I would be pushing it! I just haven’t been dedicating time into this. Unfortunately this goal was not met.

So goal number 5 ‘Capture a lot more memories’ – I think this was achieved, I took more photos this year than in 2016. Also created myself an album on my personal Facebook (not the blog page) dedicated to the images I take at university and throughout the year. Goal number 5 has been achieved.

Next is goal number 6 ‘Read more books’ – this should have been ‘read more academic books‘ because that’s all I have time for whilst studying haha, and even then I only read little bits here and there. This is a goal I will be taking into 2018 it seems.

sophia leigh's almond butter fudge

Goal number 7 ‘Try to make 1 new recipe in a week ‘ – I did this up until September when I moved to England and then university work got in the way of me making and publishing new recipes, I really wanted to keep it up but there is so much that goes into recipe creation, that it takes a long time to perfect everything, sorry guys.

Goal number 8 ‘Do more activism’ – this has been achieved, I have participated in more activism events with the local vegan outreach team. For instance, I did dairy is scary activism back in October which was so good, I love connecting with like-minded people and spreading awareness to the public because many of them were unfamiliar with the issues in dairy and had never heard of hemp milk before. I am planning on more activism during my time here in Portsmouth.

Then goal number 9 ‘Be more confident’ – I touched on this during goal number 2. Since being at university I think it has helped me become more confident and challenges me every day – I mean I’ve done two presentations already and haven’t threw up so I say this is a success and I am constantly improving on this.


Goal number 10 was ‘Blog a lot ‘ – which I did, reaching over 100 posts now. I think in terms of branding, marketing and just creating content that people want to read whilst also sticking to the things I am passionate about was important here. I have managed to collaborate with some amazing people and brands on awesome content from BrainZyme Study Aid collaboration, to Breakfast by Bella recipe creations, and TOTM #TalkingPeriod campaign Horror of my First Period. Along with everything else I have created this year.


Next is goal number 11 ‘Go into nature more often’ – I did this was ease when I was living back home, nature was easily accessed as I lived in the countryside haha. But since coming to England this has been difficult.

Goal number 12 ‘Achieve 150 followers‘ – I cannot believe looking back that I had 150 followers as a goal. At the time of creating these goals my blog was only 4 months old, I thought reaching 150 subscribers was ‘a big of a stretch’ I never thought that a year later I would be sitting here with 3,900+ subscribers. It is mind blowing how much changes and develops in 12 months. I am so proud of my little space on the internet and how far it has come and how much it is continuing to grow. I have so much planned for the future, it’s going to be great.


Goal number 13 ‘Do another charity run‘ – this one I can say I did not achieve, unfortunately.

Onto goal number 14 ‘Start using Bloglovin‘ – goal was achieved, I set up my blog’s Bloglovin’ page and it has 228 followers.

Anyway next up is goal number 15 ‘Be organised‘ – I love how I add (we will see how long it lasts) to the end of this goal, haha I had so much faith in myself. I think this goal was met, I have weekly to do lists, a wall calendar to keep me ahead off appointments and events I need to be attending and I have my university timetable on my phone so I know where and when I need to be somewhere. Sorted!


Goal number 16 ‘Keep up with tarot cards & learn palmistry‘- should not have added 2 things to one goal that was hopeful of me. I have managed to keep tarot going, doing readings for my friends here at university. Whereas the palmistry is yet to be mastered, or even started haha maybe this a goal for 2018? We shall see.

And lastly we have goal number 17 ‘Look after my own health‘ – it was such an important goal for me back in 2016 to ensure I did throughout 2017 as I had a bad time in terms of mental health. However I am pleased to say I have maintained meditation, crystal healing and self-love (having face masks and watching some TV shows I enjoy every once in a while) taking care of my health has been top of my priority list and I haven’t needed to go back into therapy which is such a positive and massive improvement.




  1. December 28, 2017 / 12:55 PM

    This was really fun to read! I love setting up goals for the year and then reflecting on them a year later.

    Chloe – Mojichlo xx

  2. December 28, 2017 / 2:40 PM

    This was a great read, you’ve set some great goals for yourself and I love your mindset. Glad you don’t beat yourself up over not achieving all of them. Seems like a good year overall! Hope 2018 will be good as well.

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