I’ve been living in Portsmouth / Southsea for about 3 months now. I am yet to share any of my adventures with you. As it is an island we are not that far away from the beach, how cool is that, I live about a 10 minute walk from the seaside – I’ve never lived so close to a beach or harbour before, so I was planning on making the most of the fact I was living close by. Taking a stroll to the beach every once in a while, was on top of my list of things to do whilst living here. Below are the photos I took from the little trip down to the beach, at a time when the sun was setting. Such beautiful views.

Southsea Beach

Being from Ireland, I’m so used to seeing golden sand at the beach – when I saw the pebbles for the first time here, I was so shocked at the fact haha. Don’t get me wrong I think it looks cute but I still love the golden sand way more haha.

After the sun set, the sky turned a lovely pink and blue shade – it looks so peaceful and stunning. After staring at the sky for a while, decided to take a stroll along the seafront and see the lights lit up (below) before heading back to the flat.


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