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Lingerie is such a total must have in our wardrobes. Finding the perfect one for you is so important not only to style but comfort. I used to be one whom purchased cheap underwear and not really consider the process of how it is made. Sustainable fashion has been on the rise in recent years and it is great to see, however many of us tend to forget the basics that we need. Sustainable lingerie, underwear and activewear is essential to our sustainable wardrobes. For me, I’m slowly discovering brands whose ethics I trust and can truly enjoy. Organic Basics is one of those brands.

The brand

Organic Basics women’s line consists of underwear, socks, bras, and t-shirts. There is an Organic Cotton line and a SilveTech line. All items come in just 3 colours: white, black, and nude. There are no bright colours or patterns, just simple clean cuts and very designs making them the perfect basic necessity. Organic Basics make their range using 80% less water and 90% fewer emissions. They’re committed to using quality fabrics and better factories to make their products by shunning the unsustainable methods of the current fashion industry that are bad for the environment and for us.

Organic Basics understands that ‘better made’ means investing in quality that lasts. They focus on the entire supply chain from materials to packaging. They have sustainable fabrics and ethical factories. With designs that are soft, comfortable and without sharp underwires, the pieces make you feel like you’re not even wearing them!

The organic cotton range, that I have got, uses GOTS certified organic cotton. The cotton has a lovely weighty feel that is supportive yet super soft on the skin. I have the organic cotton triangle bra in black, the bikini briefs in black and a white organic t-shirt. I’ve been using my items so much that I just had to tell you all about them.

The cotton range

The Organic Basics Woman’s Tee

A simple classic t-shirt. It was one thing my wardrobe was missing. Made using GOTS certified mid-weight organic cotton and designed with a long form clean cut and crewneck. It is the ideal shirt for everyday wear and the minimal wardrobe. While the sleeves are short, they’re a little longer than most standard shirts you find. I love the feel of this t-shirt and how it looks on. I wore it to one of my photoshoots and it was amazing, the weighty feel of the fabric makes it feel so high quality and soft on the skin. I’m glad this is part of my wardrobe now.

The Triangle Bra

If you know me or have been around this blog for a while, you may know that I’m an advocate for being braless. I stopped wearing the standard torture devices about 3 years ago. Got rid of all my underwired bras and left myself with 2 sport bras and one bralette. However that bralette fell apart within months so Organic Basics has managed to fix me up with the perfect lasting bralette.

Made from organic cotton with a touch of elastane to give it a bit of stretch. The design is just a traditional triangle bra cut with achieving the comfortable and supportive fit, that makes Organic Basics perfect. So for someone who has always hated bras, underwire and padded cups, adding this bralette to my underwear drawer was a pleasure. It’s truly not like standard ones you would get in high street stores. Worth investing into, I might even get myself a nude one for those outfits that black doesn’t work for.

The Bikini Briefs

The bikini briefs are part of the same cotton range, so made with the material at the bra and t-shirt. The briefs were something I was in need of, I had so many old and falling apart pieces that just were at the end of their lives. They are super comfortable to wear, with literally anything. They do not give you that underwear line in jeans however in leggings they do. I got 2 pairs of black bikini briefs and I plan to get some more when my other underwear fall apart.

I’m happy that I found a brand that delivers on comfort and style but also on their ethics and sustainability too. Organic Basics would be the brand I’d recommend to anyone looking to start their sustainable fashion journey. As a company covering the underwear basics, activewear and t-shirts, there will probably be something here that you need to build your own ethical wardrobe and style.


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