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The Christmas Tag Questions

1. Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie? 

I am a fan of so many! But if I had to choose one it would have to be How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s just one I have always loved, since I first seen it and of course the Grinch is my spirit animal, haha.

2. What Are Your Favorite Christmas Colors? 

Green is a Christmas colour right? I am always a greenie!

3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas? 

We as a family, open presents together on Christmas in our pyjamas; then we dress up (we basically put on new clothes) to eat dinner and see other family members.

4. What do you eat for Christmas Dinner? 

This is a great question! You all know I am vegan, so at Christmas I eat veggies (carrots, peas, and Brussel sprouts) Potatoes (mashed and roasted), a nut or lentil roast and gravy.

 5. Do You Open Your Presents Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning? 

We open one on Christmas eve (which is usually always a box of pyjamas, slippers, socks and chocolate) and the rest on Christmas day

6. Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House? 

Yes, but it did not go well

7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break? 

Well this year I am going back home and spending 3 weeks with my family, which will be lovely. I will also see my friends who I haven’t seen in a few months.

8. Any Christmas Wishes? 

That we all have a great year.

9. Favourite Christmas Smell? 

I have a whole blogmas post coming soon dedicated to my favourite scent.

10. Favourite Christmas song?

Oh difficult one, it is a toss up between I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday and Fairy-tale of New York (this was the Christmas song my nan used to sing along too without fail and the song my granda likes to play in July, it has a lot of meaning to me)
I’m not tagging anyone as we all may be busy with other blogmas posts; but it you want to give it a go I would love to read them!   

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  1. December 6, 2017 / 7:48 PM

    Oh my I haven’t seen the Grinch since I was a child! Think that is one I will have to see this year! Its nice to see what vegans eat as I am cooking a massive roast dinner and there will be vegans there too!

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