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I was sent a generous package filled with a lot of coffee goodies including a reusable coffee mug from the brand Rombouts. I noticed a theme; there were a few packages from different parts of the world. As a broke student on a gap year who dreams about travelling the world, this was perfect. I can’t travel to these places yet so for right now I will be going there coffee style! Tasting the coffee styles from across the world, the Americas, Asian and European flavours all in the comfort of my own home. What’s not to love!

Rombouts Coffee is a family run business who have sourcing, roasting and blending their coffee beans to the highest quality since 1896. What makes them stand out is the slow roasting of their beans to get the most unique flavours possible. I was so excited to get drinking this coffee. So now onto my coffee adventures!

1. Europe

italian coffee blend

The first stop on this world tour was in the home of Espressos .. yes ITALY! Ok so it may not be the home of them but for as long as I can remember I have always considered Espressos to be very popular in Italy. I think Rombouts had the same idea. Their Italian Style is described as ‘Intense and Dark’ which is a perfect blend for a quick mid-afternoon wake up espresso.

What Rombouts say about this blend:

“Italian Style is a coffee blended & roasted for true Italian coffee lovers.”
This coffee has been roasted a little darker to intensify its rich flavours & aromas for a powerful cup of coffee. I can confirm, that the description is so true! The coffee is so strong the aroma was spread throughout the house and after 2 cups I was awake for the whole day. I felt like I was transported to the streets of Rome or Milan; whilst never stepping foot in the country.

2. Asia Iced Laos Coffee

On my next coffee adventure I travelled to the Continent I so badly want to visit that is of course Asia. More specifically the beautiful country of Laos; during my gap year I did look about doing a tour of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I just couldn’t afford it in such a small amount time but trust me when I say I will be there soon. So onto Rombouts helping me to experience the wonders of Laos through taste of coffee. I decided to make this one into a iced coffee to mix things up a little. This blend is much softer than the Italian one, it has both a fruity and chocolate aftertaste which I adore. I’ve been so addicted to this Laos blend that the packet is almost finished already. This blend of coffee is fair-trade which means that the coffee farmers in the Bolaven Plateau of Laos who grow the beans get a fair amount of money for their produce. Rombouts value the quality of the workforce & ensures that people and the crop are both equally respected. I can’t wait to actually visit this country myself.

3. North America

travelling the world coffee style

Travelled from the large continent of Asia to the small island of Cuba for this cup of coffee. I was so pumped to try this one as I spent so long searching for a good Cuban coffee before discovering Rombouts. Now there’s even a Cuban café in Belfast that sells it. This coffee is perfectly blended with caramel and cacao which creates it’s sweet taste, the coffee is medium in intensity and aroma. The caffeine wouldn’t knock you out as much as the others. That’s a good thing for anyone who doesn’t like strong coffees. I’m just so glad I have 2 packets of this coffee because it is honestly so good. I do enjoy this Cuban coffee in the morning before breakfast its soft but still has a kick to wake me up so perfect morning coffee for me.

4. South America

I arrived in Colombia; the last destination in my coffee travels. This time I added a splash of soy milk to the coffee to add to the full-bodied flavour. Rombouts have described this blend as ‘sweet and vibrant’. It is a medium roast with a mild aroma and medium sweet aftertaste; which I believe makes this the perfect coffee for beginners as it is honestly so delicious, a real classic and like the Cuban one it is quite soft.

If I were to have a favourite now I’ve discovered the coffee’s of the world it would have to be Laos. But closely followed by Cuban simply due to its sweet and mild aftertaste. I can’t wait to go get my own cup of Laos coffee now I’ve finished this post. Hope you have enjoyed my travels & thanks to Rombouts for supplying me with the coffee to do this for you all.


Let me know what your favourite coffee is

*Post contains PR sample but all written word is my own & 100% honest

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  1. Jamie
    July 28, 2017 / 4:41 PM

    Hi S o p h i e, Keep making great stuff!

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