As a previous clean beauty awards judge, I have been contacted by many eco beauty brands. They want to share the environmental message with others whose goals are to achieve a sustainable society. And I am happy to be that platform to show off these products making waves in clean beauty. The Korean beauty company that saw my CertClean judge profile reached out and asked if I would test some of their products. Of course I had to say yes, who would turn down a chance to trial Korean beauty products in an ethical way?

Aromatica is a company from Korea, specialising in cruelty free beauty. Their motto is “Save the skin, save the planet”, how great is it that a company is all about natural ingredients for the skin but also not harming nature. It is so refreshing to witness it first hand by testing these products that have been derived from natural ingredients.

Aromatica started because of the cosmetic ingredient safety
campaigns in Korea that was organized by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Aromatica been actively promoting EWG’s ingredient
campaigns in Korea while bringing the attention of consumers and the industry to the issue of safe ingredients. The company is also certified by ECOCERT & COSMOS, Vegan Society and EWG VERIFIED™.


So onto the good stuff. Let’s talk about the packaging. How the box was shipped, the packaging that was in the box and the products packaging itself. Firstly, I realise that shipping these products across to the UK is not very environmental. As this is to inform my Asian audience of such ethical products that are available to them and part of the clean beauty awards, I agreed to the process. I wouldn’t go out of my way to order myself these products each time I run out simply because of the carbon emissions that shipping releases. Moving on, the box was taped with eco-friendly tape not the regular plastic tape so that is good. Instead the box there was no bubble wrap or plastic protective bags instead the products were wrapped in brown paper. The packaging can be recycled or reused. They use glass for their products, or recyclable plastics such as PET, PP, PE, and SAN. Aromatica is a company striving for zero waste.

Jojoba Oil

This is a great base oil to give your skin some moisture before any other products. Aromatica’s jojoba oil is 100% organic, made from jojoba seeds from Israel. This oil is packaged in a cute little glass bottle, with a plastic dropper to release the oil. This jojoba oil is great for the morning routine, to start with for a healthy complexion and balance the skin out. After this oil I would use my normal moisturiser and I would be done for the day (as I don’t wear makeup, unless on a shoot). I have truly enjoyed using this oil, as I tend to get dry spots on my cheeks it has been perfect to bring back moisture.

Rose Absolute First Serum

I absolutely love anything rose related, so of course this product would go down well with me. This serum is a highly enriching toner containing Bulgarian damask rose oil and Super berry complex. Since getting this serum, I use it every night after cleansing my face to hydrate and provide my skin with nutrition before bed. I have noticed my skin looking more healthy in the morning since introducing this product to my routine. The product has been labelled for brightening and revitalizing, which I can confirm is true. The serum is packaged in a nice glass bottle, which needs to be kept away from sunlight to avoid oxidization. I haven’t had any issues with this serum.

95% Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aromatica’s Organic Aloe Vera Gel is a fast absorbing, light gel made with organic aloe vera. The organic Aloe Vera Gel soothes sensitive, irritated and sun damaged skin of face and body, the best after sun product. Which I have been using during these summer days. I was working out in the sun most of the summer, getting a nice tan (as I never burn) but this gel I had to use every night to bring back the moisture to my skin. I can’t wait to take this gel on my holiday, just to use for that intensive natural moisture.

Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo

Surprisingly this shampoo has been the best. I did not expect to like the rosemary aspect of the product, however the miracle that it has created changed my mind. The shampoo is marketed to refresh your hair, removing dead cells from your scalp. Before using this shampoo I did have damaged hair (I am working on getting it back on track). The shampoo after the first wash made my hair look amazing. It was more shiny, had volume and was soft to the touch. This is because the shampoo is added with Biotin, enriched in vitamin B7, and Pro-vitamin B5. Providing essential nutrients and moisture to maintain healthy, hydrated scalp and hair. Rosemary compounds, promotes blood circulation in scalp while Beta-hymulgulene of cedarwood keeps your scalp clean. Both the rosemary and cedarwood essential oils help to revitalize your scalp. Which is why this product has been my favourite of the lot. Having stop dying my hair, trying to bring the life back to it, this product is great for making that happen. I have noticed a massive change in my hair health and I look forward to seeing more change.


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