A big pint glass of vegan goodness; well I’ll you into a little secret these milkshakes are not the healthiest. With the soy milk, vegan ice cream and skittles (yes skittles are vegan, in case you’re wondering.) But I mean they taste just so good it would be so difficult to not have one, right?mylkshakes Maggie Mays

I went on a little photo shoot around the Titanic Quarters in Belfast with my friend Rachel, because I needed some photos for a few of my upcoming posts so of course we took some snaps around the docks, and titanic building and down by Holywood Pier- the blogger life. Belfast has been my home my entire life and soon I’ll be leaving home and flying over to England to start my new chapter in life; which is of course exciting but scary at the same time. So I have been meeting up with some of my friends before I go; spend some time before I leave for a while. I loved my little evening in Belfast with my beautiful friend who was my personal photographer, for all those Instagramable photos taken like the ones below.

Sophie Leigh at Titanic

Sophie Leigh at Titanic

Sophie Leigh at Holywood Pier

We needed a well deserved snack after that photo shoot and what better snack than a pint glass of sugar. I didn’t have a milkshake in almost 2 years and when I heard about Maggie Mays doing vegan milkshakes; I almost died. I have been waiting on the day I could have a big unhealthy glass of vegan milkshake to just sit and enjoy for like half an hour, (because I’m a relatively slow eater / drinker, along with the fact I wanted to savour every little sip.)

skittles milkshake

I have loved skittles my entire life. The colours, the sweet, sweet taste and the addictiveness just makes skittles the best junk food! Adding them to a milkshake is genius. You can see the colours popping through the milkshake and can still get the crunch from the shell of the sweet, how amazing and I can already tell I will be kind of addicted to these. This is not good when I’m moving away to England in a matter of weeks. I guess I will just have to recreate them at home. Which I can only assume won’t taste as good as the original Maggie Mays one. I am planning another trip up to get myself another one before I move away, and I am torn between getting the same skittles one as before or switching it up and go for the Oreo one that my friend got herself, shown in the photo below. She told me it was so delicious and difficult to finish there is just so much goodness in the glass! So should I go for the amazing and sweet skittle one or the delicious and chocolate Oreo one? Such first world problems! Haha, the milkshakes cost £4.20 each and I will admit my heart dropped a bit when I seen the price; but for what you get in that glass, I could see why it was that price. Now I know that may be to expensive for some people, but a little treat every now and then wouldn’t hurt.

milkshakes at Maggie Mays

skittles milkshake Maggie Mays

So if you are ever in the Botanic area of Belfast, I recommend you pop over to Maggie Mays and get yourself a delicious vegan milkshake and you’ll thank me afterwards.


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