Warm up with vegan Hot Chocolate this Christmas

hot chocolate

While it may not be winter, officially until 21st December; it has definitely been feeling like winter, so cold and with snow on the ground it’s safe to say warming up with a nice cup of hot chocolate makes everything all that much better. And it is something I always reach for in the winter months, I love to indulge in a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows (yes, there are vegan marshmallows out there!) with a good movie, maybe something like a Christmas movie in December obviously then onto some comedies after the Christmas period.

As a vegan, you don’t have to miss out on the hot chocolate experience! Like I mentioned, you can get vegan marshmallows which are gelatine free, I have always used the Freedom mallows from Holland and Barrett, and I personally don’t believe they taste any different. They are just made without the cruelty, perfect! They are £2.49 in this store and completely worth it; for hot chocolate the mini mallows are essential – and these ones are super mini, but makes your cuppa look cute, hehe. It just means you got to use more of them!

Freedom Vegetarian Mallows Mini Pink & White VanillaCadbury Fair Trade Drinking Chocolate Add Milk 250G











Ok so you obviously need the chocolate, right? You can’t make hot chocolate without the chocolate part, haha. This is one you have to be careful about, as products change and their producers switch ingredients always read the label before you purchase a tub of chocolate powder. Cadburys drinking chocolate is the one I go for most, simply because it’s the only one I have ever really enjoyed the taste of, and luckily enough its suitable for vegans- perfect for creating that vegan hot chocolate! I make my hot chocolate in a very specific way, I pour my soy milk into the cup half way, I then add 3 teaspoons of the chocolate powder stirring the mixture, putting the cup into the microwave for about 30 seconds whilst the kettle boils, I will then add the hot water to the cup of chocolate stirring it and adding more powder so it is extra chocolatey and then topping it off with marshmallows. That is the perfect cuppa for a winter night!

You must watch a Christmas movie with the hot chocolate – whilst I was staying back in my flat, before I arrived back home for the holidays, I did just that. Arthur Christmas is one I just love to watch, as I remember going to the cinema in 2011 to watch it, as my step-dad would get free tickets from his work, it became a family tradition until we all grew up I think this was actually the last one we went too. The movie is great, so funny and I just love Grand-Santa he’s hilarious.


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