Ok so this is about my own personal choices, the reasons why I have decided to hang up my hair dye gloves. Yes, if you know me I have said this before and it only lasted about a month then I got bored of having normal hair.

When I told my grandad this time that I had stopped changing my hair colour, he just laughed down the phone at me. He said “I know you, that won’t last long”, and I get why he would say that. I am known for constantly changing my hair colour, heck I even track the time through my hair colours. When taking about time, I’d say “yeah, when my hair was green that happened” people would know that I was talking about 2015. It’s weird, but it was how I measured time. I guess that has to change now I have stopped the hair clock.

I’ve been almost every colour possible

There are probably a few reasons why I have decided to say no to hair dye. I have been changing my hair colour since I was 9 years old, that’s a long time. I am pleasantly surprised that I still have hair at this point, all the added chemicals, bleach and damage. My colour list includes red, blue, green, purple, ginger, blonde, grey, black and brown. Not to mention the colour remover solution I used one time, the smell of that product was so disgusting I couldn’t wait to wash it off my head.

I’ve bleached my hair several times (obviously to achieve all the bright colours). So it’s a good thing I still have my own hair. Over the years I came to realise that the reason behind me constantly changing my look was due to confidence. I always felt my most confident with brightly coloured hair. Whenever I would get a faded colour I would throw a black boxed dye on top to cover it up. Only to wish I had went back to blue or green instead, I loved the colour black but crazy hair made me feel the best. So I continued to bleach and colour my hair, then get bored and cover it up with a different colour again. It was just a continuous cycle until recently.

The change

Ok so I decided this in January this year, to stop dying my hair. Whilst it has lasted 6 months when I’m writing this, I’m doing well. I made the conscious decision because of 3 major factors in my life which I will explain to you soon. The 3 factors highly influenced my thinking and motivation to remove the hair dyes from my life. They help me to remember the reasons why I am taking the step towards natural hair again.

1.Striving for healthy hair

Like I mentioned, I have always had a different colour in my hair. Therefore, you can imagine how damaged my hair has become over the years. There has been times that I’ve had to cut my hair quite short in order for it to become healthy and manageable. This past year my hair has grown so much that I don’t want to have to cut it all off again.

I’ve been trimming the dead ends myself, helping it grow and removing the colour slowly. Some people have told me to just go to the salon and get them to cut it out. However, I like the way I’m approaching it, seeing the different stages from all green/blue to now brown, blonde and green look. I can say right now my hair is rather unique haha. Nevertheless, this way I can get my natural healthy hair over time and continue to grow it everyday.

2.It’s better for the environment

Most store-bought hair dyes contain ridiculously toxic chemicals. Ammonia, Benzene and p-Phenylenediamine are a few of those chemicals. They are not only dangerous for you but hazardous to the environment and marine life. These chemicals wash into our oceans polluting the waters and harming the animals that reside there. They are also linked to soil and ocean acidification. Plus the waste of the plastic bottles, latex gloves, and throw-away tubes, etc. It all just screams environmental disaster.

Whilst there are some hair dyes labelled ‘organic’ or ‘toxin-free’, this is not the case. There has been no scientific breakthrough in new chemicals for hair dyes in the last 50 years. Therefore, despite the packaging telling you that its organic, more likely than not it still has those toxic chemicals added to the mixture. For me I think to continue my ethical journey avoiding hair dye is the way forward. I’ll embrace my natural locks for the sake of the environment.

3.Lacking the funds to support my hair dye addiction

Economically it hurts my bank account. As a student I just couldn’t afford the constant hair dyes. In my first year I spent about £50-55 on my hair products which is a crazy amount when I was doing it myself. It dropped considerably when I started to think about how much it costed and now I haven’t spent any money on hair colourants in months. Progress is being made, my bank account is still crying but not because of hair dyes so it is a start.

My journey towards being a more ethical individual is forever adapting and I’m so happy with how I am doing. I hope this decision lasts as long as possible. But who knows if I decide I want lighter hair, I might just resort to squeezing lemons on my hair.


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