typical blogger, in sophie's mind

I put typical in quotation marks because I am a blogger, anyone who owns their own website, is one. But I don’t do the things that people expect of influencers or bloggers in general. I don’t stick to a niche, nor do I post multiple times a week/ month. I started my blog during my gap year to write about environmental topics that I wanted to share with people. To educate and just share my life at the time. I got lost in the Twitter blogging community and stopped with my ethical posts for a little while, forgetting the purpose of my website.

Now, however, I am back on track, I know my website’s purpose – to educate, to inspire and to share updates. I just want to share some reasons why I don’t believe I am the typical blogger you see in this community.

I can’t write about everything in that personal chatty style, I sometimes struggle to share the personal posts I write. When I go through something traumatic, I write it out on here, like a form of therapy for me. However when it comes to actually sharing it with the world, that’s a new level. I get worried about being judged or oversharing with you. The posts usually just lie in my drafts forever haha. That is why I normally stick to my informative style articles. But if you’ve noticed I have started to incorporate slightly more personal articles. I’m trying! I like to write about things that aren’t related to my outfits. Not going to lie, I think writing an essay on some trousers and a tee shirt would be exhausting, haha. That’s just me though, I know others love that content and that’s perfectly fine.

I don’t engage in blogging chats or schedule regular posts like I probably should. I often forget about a post I scheduled to go live. When I started my blog I had the free time to be on Twitter lots and engage with the community but the last few years I have not been apart of the community that much. I probably posted on Twitter like 3 times in the last month haha, I guess that’s bad on my part. I guess it is just difficult to keep up with everything.

When it comes to photos for my website, I don’t do the typical blogger flat lay with marble and blog props. I like to keep it minimal and simple, probably not that weird but I think that sometimes a photo can be too cluttered and it just triggers my OCD/anxiety haha. Reason why I like to keep mines simple. Also stacks of fashionable and photograph-able coffee table books don’t exist in my home. I don’t read unless for my degree.

I’ve never held up balloons with numbers or words to celebrate a milestone. Where do you even get those things, haha? I see this everywhere on Instagram, I just don’t see the point in it. Also from an ethical viewpoint, they are plastic and a waste – they will simply be placed into landfill when the blogger is done with it. For me, this trend isn’t good for the more ethical lifestyle I am trying to aim towards.

When I travel I don’t take airport photos, usually because I take a backpack and not a suitcase. And that typical airport photo is always you with a suitcase posing at the front of the airport. Plus who has time to look good for a flight, haha not me! I usually look a mess in my comfy clothes.

If you’re a blogger and you do some of these things, I’m just stating what I don’t do! Please do not be offended haha. Just a little something different here.


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