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With the wedding season on the horizon; ring hunting must be in full swing, so I’m sure searching for that perfect diamond ring can become tedious and time consuming. Well What if you could create your own bespoke and personalised diamond ring? Would you be interested? I know if it were me, I would love to have my own ring no one else would have. Well if you are thinking of going bespoke with your wedding or even your engagement ring, I have the answer for you; and its called Wonderfully Diamonds.

What is Wonderfully Diamonds?

It is a diamond and jewellery company which was founded back in 2004; it has been known for selling the finest ethically sourced certified diamonds and jewellery. The jewellery which is exclusively handcrafted within the United Kingdom. The company has a team of amazing specialists who can provide you with the guidance you need and the advice you want which will help enable the most perfectly crafted ring that will be tailored to your unique style.

Wonderfully Diamonds specialise in their bespoke jewellery; therefore a personal ring from this company would be perfect for that special day. They work with you to provide the finest jewellery that will meet your desired wants and needs for your big day. You can apply for a bespoke consultation to speak with the experts using the form on this page:

Customise Your Ring

Put your own creativity to work! If you have an image of what you wish your perfect ring to be like simply write the description of it into the ‘requirements’ section of the form in the link above. You can choose from anything you desire; the ring style, the diamond shape, metal option, and the carat value etc. Do you dream of having a Rose Gold engagement ring inscribed with the date your partner proposed to you on your finger and a beautiful diamond Rose Gold wedding ring with both your initials inscribed to match? You can have just that, and more if you wanted! With the customised bespoke option at Wonderfully Diamonds, this is completely possible if you give it enough time before the special day.

If you go through with this option for your rings; that is awesome! You will of course discuss the design with a member of the Wonderfully Diamonds team, they will made a computer generated version of your ring to ensure that your vision is outlined correctly. When you are happy with the completed computer design of your bespoke piece, and the diamonds you have selected if correct, the team would provide you with an image of your design along with a free quotation, before you commit to ordering the ring. Once you are satisfied with the outlined piece, the skilled craftspeople at Wonderfully Diamonds will begin the process of creating your bespoke Engagement or Wedding ring. It states the delivery estimation is 3 or 4 weeks, but of course this is just a guide and you will have to discuss this with your team as every piece of bespoke jewellery is different depending on complexity.

But if you are lacking in inspiration the expert team are able to modify any existing rings for both men and women.

Engagement & Wedding Rings

So you have decided not to go with the bespoke option on your rings; don’t fret there are many amazing options on the site to help you choose from a range of special rings; either from the Engagement or Wedding sections of the website. Like the bespoke option all Engagement and Wedding rings are hand-crafted, manufactured and hallmarked in the UK. All are ethically sourced and 100% real. The rings are available in a vary of band metals and diamond combinations you can choose the carat weight of the diamond as well, so you still have all the choices you want to make, available to you. They don’t take any of those decisions away from you. You can still make your special ring for that perfect day completely incredible and can still be unique to you and your partner, with the engraving option that is also available to you.

Let’s say you have created/ picked your perfect ring; a diamond wedding ring. It has been crafted for you. What else is available to you as part of Wonderfully Diamonds promise? Well you will have free UK and Europe delivery with quality packaging to ensure no damage to your ring, a 14 day returns policy is also included- with a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the ring. What’s not to love!

I don’t know much about the market for Wedding rings; but since looking through the website for Wonderfully Diamonds, I have learnt a lot through the Education section, if you are like me and know next to nothing about diamonds then before buying anything take a look at this guide to buying diamonds; it goes through what diamond shapes are available to you, what carats actually mean (and no it’s not the vegetable), it also talks about cuts, colour and clarity of diamonds. It is a basic guide to diamonds and is definitely what beginners need to read.


*Sponsored post; images used in the post belong to the company discussed; Wonderfully Diamonds. Featured photo however is mine.


  1. June 22, 2017 / 4:20 PM

    I really like thi post and the idea of customising it can be really creative. Thanks for sharing.

  2. June 22, 2017 / 7:42 PM

    This sound so lovely, I’ve never really thought about customising the rings before! It’s such a personal touch that would mean the world. I love that the team can modify rings if you’re lacking inspiration, that’s amazing.

    Jordanne ||

  3. June 23, 2017 / 1:53 AM

    Aww this sounds amazing. I’ve never thought about customising rings before as I don’t think I’d know where to start but this was actually really interesting! x

    Tiffany x

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