September is just around the corner; that can only mean university & college is about to start back again. You are going back to the work load that is education. Personally I’ve had a whole year out of education so starting university is going to be a shock to the system, haha. Going to take some time to get back into the swing of things. I know there is going to be a lot of work ahead, long nights writing essays, researching and reading articles. Sometimes you can get so overwhelmed and tired you want to quit for the night; what if you could get something to help you study that is completely natural, plant based and in full compliance with UK Department of Health and EFSA statutory legislation for food supplements, they can help you finish those essays and even help you get your reading done before that early class in the morning.


What is it?

Now that you are interested, the company is called BrainZyme; they are the UK’s first all natural food supplement cognitive enhancer. They are scientifically proven to support mental performance, concentration and help reduce tiredness. When I first saw the email I received; I was a little sceptical I won’t lie about that, it sounded too good to be true. However doing more research into the brand I saw that they are actually completely natural, all plant based ingredients, with no added preservatives, no artificial colours, no animal derived ingredients and never tested on animals. It is so amazing to see an all vegan product that can be used for studying that won’t do you harm (if used correctly.)

BrainZyme’s motto is: “Get Smart, Get more done!” through using this product I have personally got a lot done. They advise that you simply take 2-3 capsules before you need to ‘get smart’; I took 2 with water between my meals when I needed to write a few blog posts (and guess what; I am currently writing this after taking the capsule) the effect is not rapid you won’t get the sudden burst of energy like many others have. As this is a natural product the energy is some-what gradual & help to keep your attention for longer therefore helping you get a lot more done.


What is actually in the capsules?

So you probably want to know what exactly is in these capsules that make it such a great tool for work; each capsule has matcha, guarana and 7 other vitamins and minerals. I will list all the ingredients below and what they contribute to your body.

Matcha – this is green tea leaves ground down into a powder; which is packed with antioxidants helping focus.
Guarana – a plant native to Amazonian region; it’s seeds contain natural caffeine which is released in a sustained manner helping with alertness
Choline – an important nutrient that is helpful for brain health (can be found in foods like broccoli and kidney beans)
Caffeine – this improves concentration
Vitamin B5 – (Pantothenic acid) an essential nutrient that contributes to normal mental performances
Vitamin B6 – (Pryoxidine) an essential nutrient that contributes to normal-energy yielding metabolism and reduction of fatigue
Vitamin B12 – (Cobalamin) this nutrient can also contribute to the reduction of fatigue and tiredness
Vitamin B1 –  (Thiamine) this nutrient contributes to normal-energy yielding metabolism and function of the nervous system
Iron – this essential mineral contributes to normal cognitive function
Zinc – this mineral contributes to normal DNA synthesis and cognitive functions
Iodine – this nutrient contributes to normal cognitive and neurological functions

As you can see each one of these vitamins and minerals help the functions of your brain in some way, with nothing but benefits to your health. However you are not able to use these supplements if you are under 16, and you have to seek medical advice if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before using these. They are definitely not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet; only use as an aid for study.

study buddy brainzyme

My review

I was given a review pack to try for myself (it included 6 capsules) I used them across a few days. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post I was sceptical about trying these out because it seemed way too good to be true, but since using them for working on my blog and helping me fight fatigue, I have grown to love them! I do believe this product is something I will be investing in for university.

I took 2 capsules with water & started writing, as I had a lot I needed to catch up with, I wrote an article within an hour and started a new one. This may not seem like much but for me I usually lose concentration and end up saving my posts as drafts and never look at them again; I currently have 40 drafts half written some from back in October last year. So being able to sit down for that amount of time and produce something from it was incredible.

Where to buy your pack

You can purchase you own pack here. Price for this original pack of 30 capsules is £7.95; or use my discount code leigh10 for 10% off your purchase.

This product will become your new study buddy this semester and probably for the rest of your university life.

post is sponsored by BrainZyme ; post also contains affiliate links

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